Watch Dani Pedrosa Rip It Up on a Supermoto

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A riding buddy of mine taunted me last night about how he was going out to the supermoto track, while I’ve been itching to get out on mine…so we’re starting today off with a little homage to the Sultans of Slide, the European Luc1 supermoto team.

I hope all motorcycle racing teams take a long look at what Luc1 is doing, because they not only win on the track, but they also win at content creation. At the end of the day, professional motorcycle racing is about selling for sponsors, and Luc1 not only gets that, but they excel at it.

Take this video here, where they are joined by Dani Pedrosa, who has a little free time right now since it is MotoGP’s summer break. Good things happen.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood riders in the premier class, second maybe only to former teammate Casey Stoner, Dani is one of the nicest riders you will meet in MotoGP, he speaks something like five languages fluently, and many mistake his quiet introversion as a timid passiveness.

Honestly, I think most American fans who say they hate Pedrosa just haven’t moved on from 2006. They should, because he is an easy racer to root for on any given Sunday. But I digress.

Getting some off-season saddle time, it’s great to see Pedrosa teamed up with his HRC brethren at Luc1. Video goodness ensues. Enjoy, and may the brap be strong with you Jimmy.








Source: Luc1