Dani Pedrosa Has Shoulder Surgery…Yet Again

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Dani Pedrosa underwent yet another shoulder surgery today, this time to fix a loose bone fragment that had become dislodged during the Spaniard’s recuperation from the broken collarbone he suffered from his crash at Le Mans during the French GP. How this complication with his shoulder occurred is a subject of much contention in the MotoGP paddock, as the Spanish press is adamant that Pedrosa re-injured his shoulder in a supermoto crash. HRC however denies this rumor, though the Japanese company has not offered a counter-explanation for Pedrosa’s current situation. The fact remains though that Dani Pedrosa’s healing process has been pushed back further, and Repsol Honda is not sure that Dani will be fit enough to participate in the upcoming Dutch TT.

Conducted at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus by Dr. Xavier Mir, Chief of the Pathology Unit of the Hand of Dexeus USP, and Dr. Cesar Garcia Madrid, vascular specialist of the Institute Planell at Teknon Medical Center, this is the third operation Pedrosa has had on his shoulder in the past 71 days. Though it would seem Pedrosa is physically made out of glass, the Spaniard has shown an iron-clad will to ride through his injuries. However, with all the complications he’s had with his health, there also circulates a rumor that he may take part, or all, of the 2011 season off in order to fully recuperate.

With his presence still uncertain at the Assen round for MotoGP, it appears we’ll have to speculate on a round-by-round basis as to whether Pedrosa will return to MotoGP this season. Missing this next race though would surely put the Spanish rider out of contention for the Championship, which will be a big disappointment to title sponsor Repsol, who has been funding Honda’s factory effort for the sole purpose of seeing a Spanish World Champion under the company’s banner.

Repsol Honda will have to replace Pedrosa at Assen if he doesn’t ride, with best guess being that Hiroshi Aoyama would take his factory seat at Repsol Honda, while HRC test rider Kousuke Akiyoshi would fill-in for Aoyama at San Carlos Gresini Honda.

Source: Repsol Honda; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved