I don’t know who sold HRC and the Repsol Honda on their aggressive social media strategy, but it is winning over our hearts and minds. It seems it was only last year that we bemoaning the un-dynamic duo of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez, two riders through either their shyness (Pedrosa) or PR whitewashing (Marquez) were about as lovable to the global MotoGP audience as metal flakes in an oil change.

At that same time of course, we were being entertained by the online banter between Yamaha’s mechanics and riders, who were adding to the on-track spectacle with their off-the-track banter, insights, and analysis. What a difference a year makes though, because Yamaha Racing has reportedly clamped down on its members taking to social media, and HRC is looking more and more like a social media genius.

Latest from Repsol’s media pool is a video that pits young-gun Marquez against old-hat Pedrosa. The two Spaniards give their thoughts on each other, and…gasp…come across as the human beings that paddock insiders knew existed all along. Between Pedrosa’s late-season surge last year, and his smiling and laughing personality here, you can’t help but root for the Honda rider. The rapture is near my motorcycling brethren.

Source: Repsol

  • L2C

    Good vibrations. Hope it lasts!

  • Choco

    The Dynamic Duo. Pedrosa all but dominated the last half of the season and Marquez shows outstanding potential, and when I say outstanding in the already extremely talented and couragous MotoGP lineup then that is saying something. I can’t wait to see the Honda factory riders dukeing it out with the Yamaha factory duo of Lorenzo and Rossi. Let’s get this season going . . .

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    Awesome video, but the music was stupid and distracting. I hope they keep releasing stuff like that, but ditch the lame jams.

  • proudAmerican

    I bet one of my buddies lobster dinner (with wives) that Marquez will finish ahead of Pedrosa in the points this year.

    We’ll enjoy a great dinner after the season. The big question is who gets stuck with the check! :))

  • TexusTim

    metal flakes in oil…lol thats better than “heavy particulate matter” I wonder why yamaha clamped down on pr…any thoughts…. :)

  • Chaz Michaels Michaels

    Marquez will not finish ahead of Pedrosa. He is imensely talented but he’ll have a rookie season just like Dani’s or Jorge’s–he’ll be fast, he’ll do some great races, he’ll crash out of some, he’ll make rookie mistakes…In the final standings he might finish ahead of Rossi.

    The kid is fast, the Honda is the best bike…but they still have to race! These guys at the MotoGP level aren’t chopped liver.

    …not to sound like the rednecks in the movie Deliverance…but, the kid has a funny looking mouth.

  • Mark

    It’ll be interesting to see how they both, and JL, behave once the season starts, whether they all revert to monotonal interviews like the last few years.

    And see if they are all banging out metronomic lap times.

    And then we can all wonder and speculate, just how they do that.

  • “…not to sound like the rednecks in the movie Deliverance…but, the kid has a funny looking mouth.”

    Yeah, Chaz, I know what you mean. He strikes me a bit as looking like Heath Ledger playing The Joker. “Why so serious?” :)

  • Westward

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marquez has an amazing season and wins it all. But I think it will be Rossi who surprises all and takes a tenth title while frustrating both Lorenzo and Pedrosa…

    Also pulling for Spies to finish as top Ducati, close to Crutchlow in the standing maybe. It could happen…

  • Westward

    As for Pedrosa’s late surge last season, I wonder how much of that is Pedrosa vs. the machine. I have a feeling it was more the bike than the man. If he and Lorenzo were both on Hondas or Yamahas, I’d bet Lorenzo would still win out…

    Marquez looks even more spectacular because he is on the best bike in Motogp. If Crutchlow were on a factory M1, or Bradl and Bautista on factory Hondas the season would be even more exciting…

  • smiler

    Merguez looks like Dani’s son.

  • L2C

    @ Westward

    As far as I know, both Bradl (w/LCR) and Bautista (w/ Gresini) are on full-factory supported Hondas this year. It’s in stark contrast to the Yamaha satellite teams – something that Crutchlow isn’t entirely happy about. I’m not sure if Bryan Staring, Gresini’s #2 rider, is receiving any support from Honda. He might be getting something from them, though.

  • “I’m not sure if Bryan Staring, Gresini’s #2 rider, is receiving any support from Honda. He might be getting something from them, though.”

    Whatever help he’s getting would have to be in line with the CRT rules, the bike being an FTR-Honda.

  • Westward


    Right you are, but Bradl is riding with Nissin Brakes, and Bautista with Showa forks. Remember, Pedrosa used to have those components, but petitioned for Ohlins and Brembo to be competitive. Pedrosa even switched tyres to Bridgestones before the single tyre rule, and mid – season too.

    I recall his then teammate Hayden being a little annoyed by that fact.