Help Send Photographer Dan Lo to the Isle of Man TT

04/03/2012 @ 9:05 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Our good friend Dan Lo is trying to get to this year’s Isle of Man TT, hoping to cover Guy Martin’s first TT race win. Many of you have already enjoyed Dan’s work, as he has been our featured photographer for the last two photos of the week (here & here). Creating photos that have always been a stark contrast to the norm, I first met Dan way back in the early days of Asphalt & Rubber, where his truly unique style of photography was the first professional work to grace this site’s pages.

A young and humble man, Dan can barely get to his seat at any given media center, as a bevy of journalists and photographers always greet him upon his entry to the room. Dan is popular with the riders too, which is probably why Ben Bostrom wrote the prologue to Dan’s book: American Superbike X, a collection of AMA Pro Racing photos from the 2011 season — Elena Myers wrote the epilogue by the way. If you haven’t done so, you should pick up a copy of his book. I’m not here typing to plug Dan’s photojournal, though I am here to solicit some Kickstarter support to get Dan on the Isle of Man, and bring his unique skill set to recording the TT.

For those who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a way for people to crowdsource donations for worthy projects. As is the custom, no donation is too small, though larger donations usually come with perks and gifts (I believe Dan is offering prints and copies of his book for donations to his TT fund). As of right now, Dan is about 1/5 of the way to his goal, but hopefully the A&R community can help him out a bit, and help bring some more of his great work to Asphalt & Rubber and other publications. This year’s TT is already shaping up to be a great event. Click here to donate to Dan’s TT fund.

Photos: © 2008-2011 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved

  • I’ve seen Dan’s work before and it always covered AMA nicely so hope he can make it over to the Isle.

    Unfortunately, I just can’t see him covering a Guy Martin victory… The way Dunlop has come on, as well as Gary Johnson, with McPint and Hutch up there, he’ll be fighting just to get on the podium!

    The TT is bigger than any one individual, no matter how eccentric and likeable. As a business idea, it will hopefully make Dan plenty of cash in book sales, but for me the TT is about every single rider, driver and passenger, from privateer to factory-backed set-up.

  • I would like to go too!!! Send Dan and myself, two cameramen are better than one.

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  • Jake

    Dan is a great guy and generous supporter of Riders for Health. I’d love to go to the TT myself one day, but until that day comes I can at least help him bring the TT back to us through his incredible photos. Best of luck, Dan!