John Hopkins continues his stepping-stone return to MotoGP, and accordingly will compete in the 2012 World Superbike Championship with Paul Denning’s Crescent Fixi Suzuki team (note the newly announced title sponsor). Campaigning on the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000, Hopper will have a steep nine-fingered challenge this season, as Suzuki has pulled its official race support out of WSBK. As such, Yoshimura has been tapped by Crescent Suzuki to help develop the GSX-R’s motor, while the team will continue to employ its lessons learned from both the British Superbike Championship and MotoGP paddocks.

Showing briefly the bikes that John Hopkins and Leon Camier will campaign in World Superbike this season, Crescent Fixi Suzuki is already on the road and headed to Phillip Island for the WSBK pre-season test that is scheduled for February 26th. For those that don’t know (and there is no reason you should), co-title sponsor Fixi is not an urban-oriented bicycle company, but instead provides foreign exchange solutions to Tier 1 investors — whatever those are.

“The team has done a stunning job to prepare the new GSX-Rs for this level of competition; the attention to detail is faultless and I think that this will be the most-advanced GSX-R ever to grace a racetrack!” exclaimed Team Principal Paul Denning. “Yoshimura’s hard work and proactive attitude to engine development has also enabled us to be as well prepared for Phillip Island as we can be. John and Leon are ready, the team is very motivated; and we will put everything into competing at the best level we possibly can!

“I would like to thank Richard Wynn and his co-directors at Fixi for their continued and expanded support,” Denning added. “I would also like to thank Ronald Kabella and the team at Motorex and all our partners for their commitment to Crescent Fixi Suzuki’s assault on the World Superbike Championship. Finally, thanks to everyone at new team partner Sign Language for completing the graphic-wrapped livery so expertly and quickly.”

Source: Suzuki

  • cairo

    I count at least 7 different colors in this mishmash scheme, and thats without including the sponsor logos color accents. Who comes up with this stuff?

    Is that art, or just clown barf?

  • Damo

    Stop hating!

    I think is looks quite good personally. It is a race bike for Odin’s sake, it is supposed to be loud and noticeable.

    I wish Hopper and Camier the best this season. If they can both stay healthy they will be a threat.

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  • shallwedance?

    personally i think it looks awful a mish mash of crappy colours

  • shallwedance?

    oh and fixi a crappy name for a company

  • wilcon76

    I dig that MotoGP is considered the top tier of motorcycle racing but as a fan I would love to see Hopper stay in WSBK where the competition is much closer and more fierce at this point.


    Have a good look at it now ’cause after Hopper crashes it numerous time… who know’s what it will look like?

  • RSVDan

    Is John going to have to grow an ironic mustache now that he’s sponsored by Fixi? Maybe they can get Pabst Blue Ribbon on board too.

  • 76

    I guess the graphic design position has also been part of the Suzuki “Cost Down” effort. I have better livery on a club bike. Badass bike though, please paint me is what shes saying or just leave me carbon fiber.

  • MikeD

    Yes, it could be better, so what ? A bad-ass “paint” scheme is not going to win u any races…just envious eyes and petty talk.
    I think it looks OK for its intended use and abuse.

  • Patron

    As long as it’s out front nobody will give a hoot what it looks like. But that being said I don’t think it looks bad at all. I really admire Hopper for clawing back into the show with everything he’s worth. A lot of people out there would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Setback after setback after setback and he still gets back up to face the challenge. Even if I hadn’t been a fan of his from way back, I certainly would be now. And yes MotoGP is the “premier” class, but IMHO it is a much more balanced class of racing. The ’09 season where Spies crushed the field was the best season of road racing I have ever seen. What a show that was. Good luck to John. I really feel this year will be his year to shine.

  • Patron

    I meant WSBK is a much more balanced class of racing in case that wasnt clear.

  • Damo


    I think I am the only one that got the hipster joke. Hopper could model America Apparel Hoodies in the paddock too.