SBK Classic Corners: Turn 12 at Phillip Island

08/14/2012 @ 1:29 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Our apologies for being a bit late to getting with the program, as we should have started HRC’s SBK Classic Corners webisodes much earlier than this. While we play a bit of catch-up with the World Superbike team’s short videos series that focuses on the famous corners of the WSBK calendar, we treat you to the first circuit up in our queue, which is also the first race of the season: Phillip Island.

It doesn’t matter what you call Turn 12 at famous Australian track (e.g. Swan Corner if you abide by the marketing), because whatever name you use, the corner is one of the most important turns on the circuit, as the long left-hand sweeper is your entry onto the Phillip Island’s massively long front straight that seemingly drops into the Bass Strait, until you cross the start/finish line.

I have been fortunate enough to ride a track day at Phillip Island, and I can say that the circuit is easily my favorite course to ride with a motorcycle as it has a bit of elevation, gorgeous surroundings, and a good mix of technical turns and flowing bends. One of the Top 3 fastest corners on the track, Turn 12 is certainly harrowing to enter full-tilt as your tires are fading. Of course, you don’t want to hear me talk about it, so we’ve got Johnny Rea and Hiroshi Aoyama after the jump.

Source: HRC

  • Steve Lang

    Great video but you know it’s a funny thing. Being a racer back in the 70’s, I watch these guys on Speed TV while sitting on the couch and think, “They don’t look so fast I bet I could get on one of those new fangeld things and with a little practice, I bet I’d be in the hunt”. But after seeing this video and seeing them spinning it up out of 12 at Phillip Island, I’m sure I could be leaving “Big Darkies” too, but it would have nothing to do with the tires. Now…where’s that TV remote?

  • Singletrack

    Did anyone record the 2012 MotoGP Phillip Island? I’m not sure if it’s the same turn but I gotta see Stoner again, laying a darkie across the curbing, on one of his last laps. Brilliant. I can’t find it on YouTube.

  • I don’t know… I’m kind of partial to Hayshed.