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02/28/2012 @ 11:20 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Not too long ago I gave a presentation at the San Francisco Dainese Store about MotoGP & social media, and one of the interesting points that came up from the discussion was the fact that Casey Stoner did not have a Twitter account. With former-World Champions Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi racking up 400,000 & 600,000 follower respectfully, the current-MotoGP World Champion was voiceless in the online space, which only fueled further the perception that Stoner’s interests in MotoGP resided only with racing on Sunday afternoons.

Well someone in Stoner’s or HRC’s camp must have convinced the Australian to get with the interwebs, as an official Casey Stoner twitter account went live this weekend. In only a few days, Stoner has amassed 20,000+ followers and we expect that number to grow rapidly over the rest of the week. Providing fans with a great insight to his racing, Stoner’s tweets so far have shown off some of the scenes from the second Sepang test, as well as conversations with fellow racers Colin Edwards, Ricky Carmichael, and Jamie Whincup.

Perhaps one of the most poorly understood racers in MotoGP right now, it’s exciting to see Stoner make a presence on Twitter and give fans an insight into his actual personality. Highly-focused, driven, and brutally honest, Stoner also has a great sense of humor that sneaks up on you with his subtle deliveries. Campaigning to defend his #1 plate, now is the perfect moment for Stoner to let race fans into his life a bit more. I think the Aussie will be surprised by how much good PR this move will bring him.

Source: Casey Stoner (Twitter)

  • 305ed

    And if Stoner’s interest in Moto GP is limited to Sunday afternoons, so what? He’s still kicks ass, regardless if he is obsessed with the minutiae which consumes the bench racers which haunt the blogs….

  • It probably has something to do with the fact that a MotoGP racers first job isn’t to ride a motorcycle.

  • Agungde13

    Finally i can see him not so cold hearted ! Danke A&R !

  • 305ed

    Yeah, Jensen, but without the riding ability above all else, the rest of the conversation becomes moot.

  • What’s Twitter?

  • Oh no! The Stone-cold-no-charisma rider has an account? OMG!

    Let’s start trolling and stalk him, sayin’ “Vale is the best!1!!1 noone is like him… F** up Stoner N00b” trololololol.

    trolololololo, Vale’s twitter has more follwers than yours, b***h!

    Seriously… nice choice Mr Stoner Daddy. Your fans really appreciate this. Nice to know how you doing. Keep focus and win again.

  • Smitch

    I don’t waste my time with Twitter, but for those who do I hope his tweets don’t focus too much on poopy diapers and lack of sleep.

  • MTGR

    What’s so wrong with a racer only focusing on races? Personally I’m sick to death of everyone having to be some kind of electronic guru just to be taken seriously in completely unrelated professions. I admire those that leave the twittering to twits.

  • Casey coming into the world of twitter is great! For those that hate twitter don’t seem to understand it fully and so I’ll categorize the hate as ignorance. I love me some motorcycle racing and unfortunately the mainstream media doesn’t. So when a rider like Casey, a manufacturer like Yamaha, or even announcers like Gavin Emmett provide me any insight into the sport that I enjoy, I’ll take it no matter how it comes. Twitter just happens to be the quickest, easiest, and least boring way to do it. My entertainment comes from the Internet and not tv so if I’m a twit for following and reading tweets then so be it. Could be worse, I could be a couch potato. ;-)

  • Rob749

    @Jensen: Yes it is.

  • Beary

    Love to see Casey on twitter, but also love seeing the reaction from the twitter audience. One observer commented that ‘why are people surprised that Casey has a personality, totally unlike what you see portrayed in the media ?’ With this kind of public face, Casey can call the shots and be himself. Not the usual turn up when requested and be asked the same questions by the same media. Who wouldn’t get sick of that ? Great to see keen twitterer Colin Edwards stirring Casey up, then both of them chatting – one at the hotel, one at the track watching Spies. Casey talking about how he can’t wait for Laguna Seca, so he can go Bass fishing again. Colin timing Spies with his watch at Speang in the wet, publishing the time, then timing Lorenzo and fibbing about his time with a wink ;) Twitter is GREAT. The only twits are the ones who aren’t using it, cause you’re missing out on the quickest and most up to date source of MotoGP news + behind the scenes pictures out there – without the media filtering / control.

  • Spamtasticus

    That is because he is a racer and not a performer. Good for him.

  • finance

    I definitely will show this to my buddy we were just talking about this last month!