Watch Carlin Dunne Skid & Slide to the Top of Pikes Peak

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The “Race to the Clouds” consists of 156 turns, 12.42 miles of tarmac, and a summit for 14,110 feet. It is no small undertaking. To prove that simple point, one only needs to watch the on-board footage from Pikes Peak racers.

Today’s example comes to us from Carlin Dunne, who last weekend took his Ducati Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak race bike to the top of America’s Mountain, with a race-winning time of 9:59.102.

The Pikes Peak race course proved challenging for all of the competitors involved, and you can see from the on-board videos that Carlin has more than his fair share of close calls where he loses traction – especially in the top half of the course.

Also of note is that the rear camera picks up plenty of audio from the rear Pirelli tire, as it slides and skids in and our of turns. The sound really helps show how hard Carlin was pushing for his course time.

For comparison, you should also watching Chris Fillmore’s record-setting run from 2017.

Source: YouTube