Cal Crutchlow to Get a Special Spidi Glove by Friday Night

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After losing the top joint to his pinky finger in a crash during the Monday night testing session at Qatar, Cal Crutchlow has had to have some special gloves from Spidi made in order to accommodate his injured finger and its bandages. Luckily Spidi, the Italian glove manufacturer and Crutchlow sponsor, has been able to rush produce a glove with a larger pinky finger sleeve that incorporates a lycra panel and special reinforcements.

Unfortunately though, Crutchlow’s new glove won’t arrive until Friday night. Tech 3 boss Hervé Poncharal confirmed to us that Crutchlow was in the Clinica Mobile today, getting a new smaller bandage made up for his finger that would fit in his current gloves. Unsurprisingly the British rider has also gotten pain killer injections to his finger, which certainly must hurt like no-other. However Crutchlow has been amazingly up-beat about the whole incident, and was ready to continue riding Monday night after he got back from the hospital.

Source:; Photos: Matthew Birt (Twitter)