“Building the Blade” – Episode 1

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Two months ago, we showed you the Honda CBR1000RR-R SP in its British Superbike spec, as Honda Motor UK was gearing up for the 2020 season (which we should point out, starts this coming weekend).

Now, the squad has begun a YouTube series about how the new liter bike was readied for the 2020 BSB Championship, and so far it is actually a pretty interesting process to watch.

Honda Motor UK is unique in the sense that it is a factory subsidiary that has its own full-service racing shop where it can develop its racing motorcycles. BSB, WorldSBK, and Isle of Man TT winners have rolled out this buildings doors onto the race track.

Of course, the game has changed from being just a dyno room and a machine shop, as this first installment makes very clear, as it shows how serious this simple sport of racing around in circles has become.

3D scanning, rapid prototyping, and of course custom metal fabrication all go into make the Fireblade a track weapon for Honda’s BSB riders.

It is hard to tell right now if all the hard work has paid off the British squad, though it will only take a few more days for the proof to meet the pudding, with bikes on the track at Donington Park on August 7th.

One thing is for certain though, whatever result Honda Motor UK earns, it comes after countless hours of diligent work and planning.

Source: Honda Motor UK