BUB Racing Breaks Motorcycle Land Speed Record

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With fall in the air, the narrow window of time to race on the salt flats of Bonneville is rapidly coming to a close. However, that didn’t stop Chris Carr and the BUB Racing team from getting an LSR at last week’s Land Speed Shootout promoted by Mike Cook. Carr and the BUB Racing crew took their Streamliner Seven motorcycle up to a staggering 367.382 mph (unofficial). Going at one point 380 mph, Carr’s run is still pending official approval by the FIM. Click past the jump for a video of their record pass, some photos, and more.

Helping BUB Racing go so fast is their streamliner shell, which is constructed around their one-off motorcycle. With 3 liters of turbocharged displacement, the Streamliner Seven sports a proprietary 16-valve V4 motor that makes 525hp and 420lb•ft of torque. Making the motor standout even more is its “big-bang” firing order, which helps the bike hook-up with the slippery salt surface.

Carr’s record re-captures the fastest motorcycle title from Rocky Robinson and the Ack Attack Team, who set a speed of 360.913mph last year at the Land Speed Shootout. With the weather coming, it seems unlikely that Ack Attack will be able to answer back to Carr’s record this year.

Source: BUB Racing