Officially the fastest man around the Isle of Man’s Snaefell Mountain Course at 132.298 mph, Bruce Anstey is showing no signs of slowing down at the age of 44. Coming off his historic Isle of Man TT fortnight, the Kiwi will take part in the upcoming Isle of Man’s Classic TT as well.

Starting August 23rd, Anstey will be hunting for another record-breaking lap on the course, this time aboard a very special machine: an ex-factory Yamaha YZR500 500GP bike. Smoke’m if you’ve got them, this 150hp two-stroke beast is sure to delight premix fans at the Isle’s other TT.

Identical to the machine that Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson, and Randy Mamola rode to victory, the YZR500 is owned by Valvoline by Padgetts Motorcycle squad. This means that Anstey will not only be on board an impressive bit of kit, but he will also have one of the paddock’s top teams behind him.

“We are delighted to be able to support the Classic TT and are looking forward to getting back to the Isle of Man later in the year off the back of another successful TT for our team,” said Padgett’s Motorcycles Team Manager Clive Padgett.

“To be able to come with something as spectacular as the YZR500 Yamaha has got the whole team motivated including Bruce who, as most race fans will know, made his name on two stroke machinery. The Classic TT was a massive success in its first year and we really want to be part of it going forward.”

Source: Classic TT

  • Bud

    Oh, man, I need a bigger copy of that photo for my desktop.

  • sonny bono

    probably a very detailed 1:16 model…

  • JoeD

    My first street bike was a Kawasaki 400 Triple. This Yamaha warms the cockles of me heart. Castrol? Cagiva entry? Lawson. Schwantz. Bel-Ray Si-7. Ah, the memories. Every age has it’s own golden era.

  • paulus

    This is ‘the’ iconic motorcycle of my youth…. still awesome

  • Sef

    Go Bruce.
    Us kiwis are proud to have u in our corner.
    You are a legend in your own right.
    Im looking forward to seeing you smoke it up on another piece of history.

  • jc23

    stunning bike under an exceptional pilot. go Bruce!

  • jackie

    What beautiful lines. Love that bike.

  • Tom Baxter

    Its good that Bruce Anstey has much 2 stroke experience. I track day some 4 stroke bikes, and when returning to my 84 RZ350, am always surprised the first time I roll off going into a speedy turn…no compression braking at all. Very different. I can only imagine going around IOM without that aid, or any electronics. Not for a novice, to be sure.

  • Grant Madden

    Bruce will shine on this beast.He’s an adaptable rider going from an electric bike to a superbike would take so much mental strength I have no doubt he will be fast as he is on any bike.He started out on a TZ250 in the 90s and I suspect he will love the two stroke rush as much as he ever did and he was mental fast back then.I’ve watched as he disapeared away from my CBR600 like it was the 250 and he had a 600.The guy is a master and you are blessed for the chance to see Bruce Almighty in the real world instead of on the tele or puter.That bike if it’s set up right will be stunning to listen to as well.