Bobby Goodin Has Died While Racing at Pikes Peak

06/29/2014 @ 10:36 pm, by Jensen Beeler27 COMMENTS


It is with great regret that we have to report the passing of Bobby Goodin, a motorcycle racer at the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Finishing fourth in the Pikes Peak Middleweight motorcycle class, spectators say Goodin lost control of his Triumph Daytona 675R after crossing the finish line at the mountain’s summit.

According to our sources and others that witnessed the crash, Goodin’s motorcycle crash occurred where the road transitions from pavement of the race course to the dirt of the parking lot.

A very short transition from our last viewing, Goodin’s accident occurred after the 54-year-old raised him arm to celebrate finishing the 92nd running of the Race to the Clouds, and was then flung into a group of boulders down the mountain’s side.

Unconscious after the impact, it took paramedics over 10 minutes to respond to the incident, and an hour for the Flight for Life helicopter to depart with Goodin. EMT’s performed CPR on the rider while he was at the summit, but unfortunately Goodin was pronounced dead at the Penrose Main Hospital.

Goodin is the fifth fatality ever at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and only the second motorcycle fatality at the historic race (Bill Gross died in 1982, after striking another fallen motorcyclist). That being said, the safety of Pikes Peak has been questioned since the road to the mountain’s summit became fully paved for the event in 2012.

No statement has been made by PPIHC officials about the incident at this time, and the delay in this article’s publishing should serve as an indication to the difficulty and lack of communication coming from Pikes Peak.

We extend our deepest condolences to Goodin’s family and friends in this tragic time. We had the pleasure of meeting Bobby at last year’s competition, his rookie running of Pikes Peak. He will be sorely missed.

Source: The Gazette; Photo: © 2014 Trevor Andrusko / Track9 – All Rights Reserved

  • paulus

    RIP, brother rider.
    Condolences to all the family

  • Slangbuster

    Sorry to hear this…….

  • smiler

    Always a real shame to hear of any riders death, known of otherwise. Condolences to his family.

  • Gutterslob

    Re: “According to our sources and others that witnessed the crash, Goodin’s motorcycle crash occurred where the road transitions from pavement of the race course to the dirt of the parking lot.”

    Could someone please expand on that?

    I don’t follow Pikes Peak all that much these days so have no idea what the course is like, especially the new paved one. First thing that comes to mind after reading that sentence is the length of paved road after the finish line being too short for a motorcycle to come to a full stop safely. Either that or it was some rare freak accident.

    Either way, it’s sad news. Deepest condolences to all his family and friends.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    pardon the jargon but… shit. That’s the definition of tragic.

  • Gritboy

    A euphoric moment gone bad. A reminder that s*^t happens even to the most talented riders at unexpected times. RIP BG. :(

  • Looter

    RIP BG, tragic moment.

  • Geist

    Very sad, no race is done once the line is crossed. Ask Bubba Shobert. That being said why is there not an EMT team stationed at the end and a Lifeflight stationed on site? AFM and Laguna have had them for years and no racing till the chopper is there or another one comes in to replace it on a call. I hope it does not kill the racing racing going forward but given the nature of the race those basic safety etiquettes should be followed.

  • My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Goodin. Rest in Peace.

  • Mike

    First let me say I raced the Pikes Peak hill climb the last two years. I have first hand experience with the medical personal on the mountain and the flight for life crew as I was airlifted after my crash. I am very Lucky to have had so many great qualified people working on me.

    I was at the starting line all day yesterday and know many of the guys who raced. There are medics at the summit and there is no way It took 10 minutes for them to start working on Bobby. Just after the crash happened several riders went running to get the medics who were stationed away from where the crash took place. It might have seemed like a long time but 10 minutes is untrue. As for the helicopter being on the ground for an hour, they have to do everything possible to stabilize the patient before taking off. If it took that long for them to leave his condition must have been extremely dire.

    The entire road has been paved for the 3 years. At the finish line there is a short distance before the pavement ends and it becomes a dirt parking area. I have not heard of a crash involving a motorcycle happening like this before.

    What happened was tragic for sure. People die everyday but not many die loving what they do.
    RIP my friend, we will race again.

  • jr2


    Here is a video of a run on the upper section of the course.

    At the 11 minute point he finishes his run and transitions into the dirt parking lot.. Its a clear view of that area.

    Greg Tracy’s under 10:00 race run at Pikes Peak!:

  • I was spectating at Devil’s Playground when the crash happened and later when his death was reported.

    The KRDO announcers initially reported that paramedics were not present at the summit and it took approximately 10 minutes for medical help to arrive.

    Later, they reported that paramedics WERE present and were at the crash scene within three minutes.

    They also reported that their reporters at the summit were asked to remove photos and videos taken of the crash.

    A truly unfortunate situation : (

  • Glenn Conser

    As others, I will first say that I was racing on pikes peak yesterday, on a motorcycle, as I have for the last three years. and Jensen Beeler, you guys are dispicable. To use the gazette article as a source, an article that says CPR was performed “within 10 minutes”, and then turn around to report that it took “at least 10 minutes”, then cast dispersions on the PPIHC staff because they won’t return your calls, is total bullshit.

    You’re a pissant website. Check your ego at the door and report the truth.

    Glenn Conser

  • Highside Specialist

    It’s always saddens me to hear of a fallen fellow rider. I also find a small light in the truly unfortunate news when you consider that while riders like Bobby Goodin lived, boy did they truly live.

    Stay forever on the throttle, Mr. Goodin and condolences to his friends and family.

  • Stories like these are the absolute worst part of my job. I would gladly close Asphalt & Rubber forever, if doing so would bring back even just one of the riders who have died in the time we have been operating. Show me where I can sign that deal with the devil, and I’ll write my name without reservation.

    I got off the phone last night with the man who was the first person to reach Bobby. It was a horrible account. I don’t know what value there is in its retelling, but certainly nothing positive was said about the response time of the medical professionals. It kept me up most of the night.

    Stories of cameras, video tapes, and memory cards being confiscated are true. I suspect because of this, the above photo is the last image we will see of Bobby alive, and the fact that it captures such a great moment before such an unfortunate one, is truly horrible. I have only the deepest sympathies for his family.

    What I find despicable is that it’s been 24hrs since this tragic occurrence, and we have yet to see even a mention of it from PPIHC officials, let alone an official statement. I cannot think of another event where that could be said, yet it doesn’t surprise me at all in this situation, because that’s always been the status quo at Pikes Peak.

    I’ve covered Pikes Peak for 4 years now, and I have nothing positive to say about the organization, communication, and preparedness of this event. I have no doubt that good people are involved with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and I have no doubt that they operate with the best of intentions, but as someone who travels around the world for motorcycle racing events for a living, my expert opinion is that the race is considerably sub-standard to its peers in these regards. I have many colleagues who feel the same way.

    I know there’s a close community amongst the racers, which comes from the family atmosphere of the race, I know people are upset, and I have no problem being the punching bag for the emotions involved.

    That does not mean however that I will gloss over the fact that there are serious safety issues at this event, that go beyond the obvious ones that come with racing motorcycles. PPIHC has serious communication issues as well, both internally and externally, which only compound the problem.

    Maybe this tragedy could have been avoided, maybe it’s just a freak thing. I’ll you decide that, but I hope there is a serious debate about how to conduct this race going forward, and how to bring the greatest level of protection to entrants and spectators, which in-turn will protect the hill climb’s great heritage.

  • Godspeed, Bobby. :(

  • CJ Eisman

    I didnt know Bobby but remember him from my early WERA days. This is truly unfortunate and most likely a freak accident..RIP Bobby.

  • Glenn Conser


    I notice that you neither apologize for nor have you corrected your deliberate misinformation. Justify it however you want, it makes you a worse journalist than the PPIHC is a race promoter.

    Im happy to hear you at least talked to one person. I too, talked to the first person who was there. As a matter of fact, I talked to over a dozen people who were there, including the first responders and the head of the safety team. These same people were the first ones to me when I stuffed my bike into a guardrail Wednesday am, and I have no complaints about their services.

    Monday morning quarterbacking sure is easy, isn’t it?

  • Glenn Conser

    Also, I will point out out that this is only the fifth fatality in 92 runnings a of a race on a public road to the top of a mountain. That sounds like a pretty enviable safety record to me.

    You also say that maybe it was a freak accident, maybe not. If you’re not sure, then you don’t know how the crash actually occurred, which makes me doubt you talked to anyone who saw it.

    Sorry if you feel like a punching bag, but you deserve it and you make a pretty poor victim in this case.

  • kww

    A few observations:
    There are photos out there of the bike wreckage, but I must ask, there aren’t even haybales around those boulders, wtf???

    Goodin appeared to have a GoPro or similar on his helmet, could help with the investigation

    Lastly, why were the cameras, video tapes, and memory cards being confiscated? Is this for an investigation or a cover up, and who were collecting them?

  • Anvil

    I’m going to 2nd Gutterslob’s observation. I don’t pretend to have any idea how this accident happened, and it sounds like a terribly tragic freak occurrence, but why is there only a short run of pavement leading into a dirt parking lot just after the finish line?

    RIP, Bobby.

  • buellracerx

    Racers know the dangers, but only loved ones dread the consequences. Prayers for Bobby’s family and friends.

  • Alexandria Valdez

    My name is Alexandria Valdez and I’m a reporter with The Denver Post. I’m writing a little follow up story about Bobby’s accident and want to look at safety on Pikes Peak and in motorcycle racing in general. If you would like to talk with me, email me at

  • Old Boy

    @ Glenn Conser

    Glad that you received great medical care during practice. Just because you have “no complaints” doesn’t mean that the first responders dropped the ball in this case. You have been racing and in the community a long time and I am sure have seen this happen time and time again at other events.

    If the PPIHC folks would release any official statements in a timely manner Jensen wouldn’t have to resort to calling witnesses to get their account of things. I have dealt with PPIHC folks from the OEM side and it is disorganized at best. And just because you raced the event doesn’t give you carte blanch to be an angry d*ck. You are only doing a disservice to Bobby, his family and your racing community.

    So if A&R is a pissant website (despite the Technorati rating to the contrary) go somewhere else…this is where some of us stay up to date.

  • SK

    So now US got it’s own Isle of Man at last.

  • Elton

    Horrible. The absolute highs and lows of racing, what a sad story. RIP and prayers for Bobby…

  • jzj

    I would like to hear more about the confiscation of video/memory cards etc. While I expect that the event is a sanctioned temporary privatization of public lands, I do not believe the organizers are entitled to abject control over all images, and certainly not of personal property. Courts disapprove of anticipatory private right of injunctive relief.