Rumor: Race-Only 450cc BMW/Husqvarna Bike Coming?

11/28/2012 @ 1:23 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Italy’s motorcycle publication of record, Motociclismo, is reporting that BMW Motorrad is developing a 450cc race bike for youth racers. Said to be a ground-up design that centers around a single-cylinder motor that will likely be prepared by Husqvarna, the BMW race bike would feature a frame built in Bologna, Italy with “racing” suspension, forged wheels, and carbon fiber bodywork.

With pricing to be in the €20,000 range, BMW hopes that its 450cc cup bike will appeal to 15 to 18-year-old riders, and is formulating a racing series that will piggyback off six select World Superbike and British Superbike rounds. As such, BMW’s proposal appears to be in direct competition with the European Junior Cup (EJC), which will use the Honda CBR500R as its spec-machine for the 2013 season.

Originally slated to start in 2013 with the BSB opener at Brands Hatch (April 5-7th), Motociclismo says the project has suffered delays in its development, which leads to some speculation that the series may be pushed back to the 2014 season. At that point, it will be interesting to see if BMW keeps its separate race series format, or lobbies to have its cup bike take over duties from the Honda CBR500R for the EJC.

It also remains to be seen which BMW brand gets slapped onto the machine, especially since Husqvarna has been making inroads into the street bike segments with its latest offerings. An exotic small-displacement race bike might just be the thing to invigorate Husqvarna’s on-road presence. As always, time will tell.

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  • pooch

    Dayum – that’s a sweet looking chainsaw.

  • BAH! Race-only is pure BS. If you’re gonna sell me a bike, it’s something I’ll ride on the street, thanks.

  • There’s no comparison with the Honda CBR500R possible if this rumor is true. The CBR500 is a larger version of the Asian mass transportation bikes with a nice looking fairing on it. Not anything like a smaller version of the CBR600RR or CBR1000RR. If BMW would build this rumored bike as a track-only racing bike it would be better to compare it to bikes like the Honda and/or KTM Moto3 bikes or maybe the Moriwaki MD250H which also uses a Honda motocross (CRF250) engine in a full on race frame.

  • Blake

    Sounds a lot like the supersingle bikes that popped up a couple years ago but never really seemed to take off. 450 motocross engine and frame with superbike suspension, brakes/wheels and fairings.

    Always thought they looked like a lot of fun.

  • Brian

    I love this idea. Big 4-stroke singles in purpose built frames make awesome track weapons. I race a Moriwaki all last season with zero mechanical issues and very little required maintenance. I’ve been racing for years on many different bikes and the smaller, purpose-built bikes are just more fun than a converted street bike. Can’t wait to see how this thing turns out.

  • Tim

    Where’s the Baby Brother of the BMW S1000RR? BMW S600rr for WSS and BSB and of coarse the Street.

  • 76

    Highsider is right, the CBR500R is nothing comparable in both performance, spec and price.
    Its a overbore Moto3 bike basically.

  • MikeD

    SCREW THIS. +1 @Trane.

    Race Only= POINTLESS + IRRELEVANT to the regular Joe that buys your street products.

    Where’s the S750RR ? Perhaps a S500RR (2 cyl) ? Something more accesible $$$ and yet still fun to wring it’s neck ?

  • Richard

    Why on earth these tiny displacement race bikes are so much is beyond me.

    Entry level racing yea sure, but defiantly not entry level pricing. wow. (this goes for honda aprilia ktm etc.)

  • Halfie 30

    I’m with Blake. The kits Roland sands was making for converting dirt bikes into road race track weapons were slick, and America’s best hope for getting new talent out there. Plus you could build one of those bikes for around $12,000 with the bike. It never gained momentum, but should have. I would build one just for fun!

  • Guess it will be a cut above the others, eh?