Dorna and the MotoGP rider’s Safety Commission met in Sepang this past Friday before the Malaysian GP to talk about the upcoming 2010 season, and in particular the addition of the Hungarian Balatonring to the schedule. While Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta believes the track will be completed on-time for its MotoGP debute, Satefy Comission Founding Member, Loris Capirossi, disagrees. Putting his money where his mouth is, Capirossi has bet Ezpeleta on the Hungarian tracks completion.

Scheduled for racing on by September 19th, 2010, the Balatonring missed the 2009 season because of financial difficulties that delayed the track’s construction. Unfettered by Ezpeleta’s confidence that the track would be ready this year, Capirossi seems to doubt the CEO’s judgment. As such, if Capirossi is right Ezpeleta will have to buy dinner for all of the members of the Safety Commission if not, then CapiRex will have to pick up the tab.

With Balatonring representatives on-hand in Malyasia, the Balatonring is reported to have its asphalt surface nearly completed, with the rest of the track’s amenities yet to be commenced. Time will tell who will be footing that dinner bill, and we don’t expect it to be cheap.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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  • angela ibbotson


    can you please advise when the tickts go on sale, which is the best airport to fly to and how faris the airport from the track and advise of hotels

  • fernando

    hello angela. The best airport to fly to is Budapest or Graz. Both are about 2h away frm Balatonring. i’m spanih but i have real state ageny in Heviz for several yeas and i am used to go there two times a month….
    When tickets will be available i will advide you by mail or here in this website.
    If you need hotels the best way is to have hotel in Heviz or Keszthely. You can have some difernt hotel from one to 5 stars… I think Heviz is better than Keszthely because of thermal lake in Heviz. In my opinion hotels are not problem because there are many in this region.
    I hope i could help you

  • Peter

    I’ve been looking to the track last month….. :-(
    They are still as faar as 2 years ago, no asphalt, no nothing…… I bet there will never gonna be a Balatonring