Aprilia RXV 4.5 Wins 5th Stage at Dakar

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News comes today from South America that Francisco Lopez has won the 5th Stage of the Dakar Rally (which is not being held in Dakar this year) on his modified Aprilia RXV 4.5. This is Aprilia’s first stage win at the historic rally, with the rule changes to allow only 450cc motorcycles being a contributing factor to this success.

In the 5th Stage competitors travelled to Antofagasta, and in the motorcycle category there was quite a shake up, as the leaders found the desert unforgiving. First, Marc Coma damaged his rear wheel, losing half an hour before getting the wheel of Italian rider Luca Manca. Coma would fall 1hr 16’55” behind Cyril Despres. At the time, David Casteu was sitting 2nd in the overall standings, but after 395km’s the Sherco rider fell badly, which cut his leg and caused him to be helicoptered out of the stage.

After the finishing of the 6th Stage, Lopez and his Aprilia sit in 2nd place overall, and within 42 minutes of leader Cyril Despres and his KTM Adventure bike. For a company that didn’t have a off-road line-up a few years ago, Aprilia has been making a strong showing with the RXV at Dakar and other rallies.

Dakar Promo Video:

Stage 5 Summary:

2010 Dakar 5th Stage Results:

1. Francisco Lopez, Chile, Aprilia
2. Cyril Despres, Andorra, KTM (at 1’30)
3. David Fretigne, France, Yamaha
4. Ruben Faria, Portugal, KTM
5. Pal Ullevalseter, Norway, KTM
19. Marc Coma, Spain, KTM

2010 Dakar Overall after Stage Six (6)

1. Cyril Despres, Andorra, KTM
2. Francisco Lopez, Chile, Aprilia (at 42’15”)
3. Helder Rodrigues, Portugal, Yamaha
4. Marc Coma, Spain, KTM
5. Pal Ullevalseter, Norway, KTM