Graduating from the Moto2 Championship, which does not come across the pond for the US GP at Laguna Seca, Andrea Iannone is one of a few riders in MotoGP this year that have never seen the Corkscrew and the Californian circuit’s other ten turns.

Not wanting to be at a disadvantage come race day, the Ducati rider will take a page out of Stefan Bradl’s playbook, and participate in a track day at Mazda Raceway this week, ahead of the Americas GP in Austin, Texas.

With both Keigwins and the California Superbike School on the calendar for next week, it is not clear which day Iannone will be riding (we suspect it won’t take long for the word to get out though), but the Pramac racer will have a Ducati 1199 Panigale R at his disposal for the day.

Like Bradl, we expect that Iannone will embarrass a few amateur racers on their decked-out race bikes, while the Italian tinkers away on his stock machine and DOT tires.

Source: GPone; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • KFG

    Im going to stuff him in the cork screw….. ok that didnt sound right…

  • mike

    What about Marquez???

  • MikeJONES

    I hope someone fast catches footage of him flying past!!

  • ADG

    SF? WTF?

    Streets of San Francisco?

  • smiler

    Many a wannabe going to be humiliated.
    Remember going to Assen and have a brilliant time. Put some slicks on and took 10 secs off my lap time. Godlike performance…….15 secs behind the WSBK boys…..bump.

  • JohnEE

    You west coast guys have all the fun. I’ve always wondered if the MotoGP guys did this, I’m surprised DORNA doesn’t have a rule against it.

  • Norm G.

    somebody named crazy joe’s gettin’ OWNED into T1…!!!

  • Chad27

    Who cares!! He’s a VR46 copycat wannabe!! Loser

  • pooch

    Chad27, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, thanks for making that perfectly obvious.

  • We’d love to have him!! Tell him to call us. :-)

  • ircsmith

    not many racers on their “decked out race bikes” go to laguna. sound limit is stupid. turn workers can pull up on their HD putting out 103 Db but not the bikes on track. besides who would want to go to a Keigwins day!!! Kidding!! L&L put on the best days in CA. love you two!!!

  • Watching AI29 aka Crazy Joe on a Panigale would be a great day at the dry lagoon. I think the kid will be force once the D16 gets its feet right.

  • Rob

    The 1199R comes with with a full termi exhaust system that I’m all but positive will not pass the 103DB sound limit at Laguna. Honestly, the 1199 is so loud that even if stock form it may be too loud to meet 103DB

  • Damo


    Are you saying you went that fast or Iannone went that fast at Assen?

  • grahluk

    gonna stuff him in the corkscrew? Own him at turn 1? Yeah, right. Maybe the local weekend warriors can feel their moment apart from obscurity during his sighting lap. After that it’ll be the race of your life keeping up while he won’t even know you’re racing. He’ll just be modestly learning the track. Dream on y’all.

  • Chick Webb

    Well, he wasn’t there today. Just as well; wind was howling. And, that Bradl guy? Not that fast. I was ahead of him on the front straight last summer …

    For about another 0.1 seconds! :-) Frankly, I was flattered that he trusted me enough to pass that close.

  • Damo

    @Chick Webb

    Props for the raced up RC51. (Got a 2005 SP2 at home myself)