Photos: The Five AGV Pista GP Helmets in MotoGP

04/08/2013 @ 4:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


Since October is just simply too long of a wait for the Italian company’s new uber carbon fiber racer lid to come to the United States, our bromance with the AGV Pista GP helmet continues to manifest itself online here at Asphalt & Rubber — and yes, we also don’t have the patience for the still-very-racey but-less-uber fiberglass-bodied AGV Corse, which comes a little earlier to the US, in September.

With the MotoGP season starting in earnest this weekend, one of the more minor highlights was the debut of all the riders’ new helmets, and for 2013 we now have five Pistas to drool over on the MotoGP grid, which certainly doesn’t help our “patience is a virtue” mantra.

While we work on centering our chi, there are a bevy of  photos for you after the jump. However, on any given Sunday you can find Stefan Bradl, Andrea Iannone, Danilo Petrucci, Lukas Pesek, and of course Valentino rep’n their Pistas on the grid. Which one is your favorite?

Andrea Iannone:







Danilo Petrucci:





Lukas Pesek:





Stefan Bradl:






Valentino Rossi:








Source: AGV (Facebook)

  • 2ndclass

    Bradl’s lid looked pimp as hell under the floodlights.

  • Brandon

    At first I didn’t like Rossi’s helmet. I liked his previous regular helmet more, but now I kind if like this one a little. Rossi’s new lid looks streamline and fast with the sun rays streaking back. Kind of simple and cool.

  • L2C

    Yeah, I like Bradl’s helmet, too. And Rossi’s just draws me in. It’s mesmerizing. Makes me want to see and study every detail.

  • paulus – Thailand

    None. They are all a mess of colour and bill-boarding.
    Where is the ‘style’ of older GP schemes?

  • Chad

    Bradl’s is sick. I was going to say Rossi’s but after getting a good look Rossi’s will have to be my runner up

  • SBPilot

    Really like Rossi new design, especially from the back. I just hate the energy drink crap on the helmets. Bradls is nice, except it has way too much redbull crap on there.

  • It looks like Pol Espargaro was running a pista-did you miss that?

    His was the best color scheme out of them all…

  • johnc

    so jensen,

    when does your PISTA arrive at the d-store san francisco?

  • BrianZS

    As much as I like the Scott Russell throwback that Elena Myers wears, I think I like Crazy Joe’s better. The shame for me is the headshape for all of these great helmets is wrong for my nugget.

  • article dan

    Did anyone see lorenzos backlit lid? You couldn’t see it under the floodlights which is kinda funny but in the pit garage it looked well cool

  • Damo

    I still can’t get over the el’cheapo look of the giant clear plastic spoiler on the back of the Pista.

    I am sure it is extremely functional, but couldn’t AGV have spared the extra paint?

  • Archer

    All are hideous, quite frankly.

  • Motocrazed

    Ugly fugly AGV helmets. I prefer the Bell Satr anyday as I own 3 of them!!!

  • Gutterslob

    ^ Pot, meet kettle

  • Westward

    Pesak and Bradl’s are way cool, but I’m gonna have to go with Rossi’s minus the two Monster logos on the sides, the fro t one is ok…

  • Adam

    Well as I am a looser that is currently in the market for a new lid, both of mine being 7 years old now. I hope they put out the Iannona in the lesser corsa model. that would be my pick.

  • TonyC

    Any of these lids would be perfect with my replica suit and chicken strip.

  • Gutterslob

    ^ Meh. Real men wear polka-dots!!

  • mrnick

    I think they all look pretty good. Typical racing styles I suppose. Rossi’s is the better of the loud and obnoxious designs. Petrucci has the nicest of the tame designs. Bradl just has a bunch of redbull logos all over it. Nothing special there.