2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Motorcycle Results

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Motorcycle-Only Results from the 94th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

P.I.C. Name Class Lap Time Machine
1 Bruno Langlois Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:13.106 Kawasaki
1 Don Canet PPC-Electric Bike 10:17.813 Victory
1 Jeremy Toye PPC-Exhibition Powersport 10:19.777 Victory
2 Rennie Scaysbrook (R) Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:28.407 KTM
3 Shane Scott Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:35.953 KTM
1 Kris Lillegard Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:46.406 MV Agusta
1 Davey Durelle Pikes Peak Lightweight 10:55.288 Aprilia
2 Tomasz Gombos Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:58.630 Yamaha
3 Joseph Toner Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:01.324 Triumph
1 Cyril Combes (R) Pikes Peak Quad 11:05.664 Suzuki
4 Codie Vahsholtz Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:07.154 Husqvarna
2 Yoshihiro Kishimoto PPC-Electric Bike 11:10.480 KOMMIT EVT ZERO
2 Greg Chicoine Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:13.547 Kawasaki
3 Robert Barber (R) PPC-Electric Bike Buckeye
4 Mark Miller (R) PPC-Electric Bike 11:20.448 Zero
4 Paul Baleta (R) Pikes Peak Heavyweight 11:21.191 Ducati
2 Chris Wagner Pikes Peak Quad 11:22.309 KTM
5 Kevin Heil Pikes Peak Heavyweight 11:23.949 Aprilia
5 Takahiro Itami Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:25.566 Husqvarna
1 John Wood PPC-Sidecar 11:26.644 Shelbourne
3 Theo Bernhard Pikes Peak Quad 11:28.148 Yamaha
6 Rafael Paschoalin (R) Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:30.493 Yamaha
5 Marcel Irnie (R) PPC-Electric Bike 11:31.326 Zero
2 Masahito Watanabe PPC-Sidecar 11:38.472 KUMANO Motorsport
3 Darryl Lujan Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:47.978 Honda
4 Mike Tollett Pikes Peak Quad 12:22.084 Suzuki
4 Michelle Disalvo Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:25.717 Honda
5 Mark Bartle Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:34.971 Yamaha
3 Bruno Marlin PPC-Sidecar 12:45.854 CHODA-BENELLI
6 Doug Chestnutt Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:49.396 Yamaha
7 Elisabeth Deeter Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:54.417 Yamaha
4 Rick Knoop Electric-Electric Modified 15:02.413 Entropy Racing
8 Jude Monica Pikes Peak Lightweight Cannondale
7 (Joseph) Connor Toner Pikes Peak Middleweight Aprilia
4 Wade Boyd PPC-Sidecar Suzuki
5 Brandon Tubbs II Pikes Peak Quad Yamaha

Source: PPIHC

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