Motorcycle-Only Results from the 94th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

P.I.C. Name Class Lap Time Machine
1 Bruno Langlois Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:13.106 Kawasaki
1 Don Canet PPC-Electric Bike 10:17.813 Victory
1 Jeremy Toye PPC-Exhibition Powersport 10:19.777 Victory
2 Rennie Scaysbrook (R) Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:28.407 KTM
3 Shane Scott Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10:35.953 KTM
1 Kris Lillegard Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:46.406 MV Agusta
1 Davey Durelle Pikes Peak Lightweight 10:55.288 Aprilia
2 Tomasz Gombos Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:58.630 Yamaha
3 Joseph Toner Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:01.324 Triumph
1 Cyril Combes (R) Pikes Peak Quad 11:05.664 Suzuki
4 Codie Vahsholtz Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:07.154 Husqvarna
2 Yoshihiro Kishimoto PPC-Electric Bike 11:10.480 KOMMIT EVT ZERO
2 Greg Chicoine Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:13.547 Kawasaki
3 Robert Barber (R) PPC-Electric Bike Buckeye
4 Mark Miller (R) PPC-Electric Bike 11:20.448 Zero
4 Paul Baleta (R) Pikes Peak Heavyweight 11:21.191 Ducati
2 Chris Wagner Pikes Peak Quad 11:22.309 KTM
5 Kevin Heil Pikes Peak Heavyweight 11:23.949 Aprilia
5 Takahiro Itami Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:25.566 Husqvarna
1 John Wood PPC-Sidecar 11:26.644 Shelbourne
3 Theo Bernhard Pikes Peak Quad 11:28.148 Yamaha
6 Rafael Paschoalin (R) Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:30.493 Yamaha
5 Marcel Irnie (R) PPC-Electric Bike 11:31.326 Zero
2 Masahito Watanabe PPC-Sidecar 11:38.472 KUMANO Motorsport
3 Darryl Lujan Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:47.978 Honda
4 Mike Tollett Pikes Peak Quad 12:22.084 Suzuki
4 Michelle Disalvo Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:25.717 Honda
5 Mark Bartle Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:34.971 Yamaha
3 Bruno Marlin PPC-Sidecar 12:45.854 CHODA-BENELLI
6 Doug Chestnutt Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:49.396 Yamaha
7 Elisabeth Deeter Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:54.417 Yamaha
4 Rick Knoop Electric-Electric Modified 15:02.413 Entropy Racing
8 Jude Monica Pikes Peak Lightweight Cannondale
7 (Joseph) Connor Toner Pikes Peak Middleweight Aprilia
4 Wade Boyd PPC-Sidecar Suzuki
5 Brandon Tubbs II Pikes Peak Quad Yamaha

Source: PPIHC

  • Guest

    Not even a picture, or a paragraph? There’s a lot to this race.

  • I wasn’t even planning on posting the results before this…

  • Guest

    I heard you say that in one of your podcasts. I’m glad you decided to at least post the results. As a big fan of this race I wish I could do something to encourage better live coverage and post race press. It’s brutal for the fans to see it live but worth it. There are many aspects of racing you will never see anywhere but Pikes Peak.

  • roma258

    Why not? Why is this getting so little hype?

  • Guest

    The only coverage I know of is a terrible AM radio broadcast during the race, and the occasional article on jalopnik. They at least need a show like the ITV4 Isle of Man TT feed. They don’t put any cameras on the course at all, or even try to host a 1 hour show.

  • roma258

    I don’t get it. The visuals can be just as dramatic as IOM, if not more so. And you have an American company really putting in the effort to compete. And yet almost complete silence in moto-media. At least Cycle World is invested in the Victory team and will give the event some much needed press.

  • tony


  • tony

    we are missing a golden opportunity fellas…this is our isle of man you see…

  • Bill J

    Why is Tesla and Blake Fuller on the motorcycle list?

  • Magdalena

    No famous riders. No big teams. It’s not a prestigious race (for bikes). Poor promotion from the organizers. The visuals are not as exciting as TT-footage (trees, stone walls, houses inches away from the rider’s heads). Slow average speed compared to other road races. Lack of spectacular spectator-footage on social media.

    Even the cars don’t get a lot of coverage/hype in the media (apart from the Loeb/Peugeot-run a few years ago).

  • Jeff Hurckes

    I’ve had enough visuals for one race. I saw Connor Toner’s crash. His dad screaming his name and pounding his fists into the ground is something I will not soon forget.

  • Marcel Irnie

    I have already posted some of my practice runs, and Qualifying run at http://www.youtube.com/irnieracing
    Stay tuned for my race to the clouds.
    Marcel Irnie – Team Hollywood Electrics – ZERO [Irnieracing World’s Best Motorcycles]

  • michael uhlarik

    Why so down on PP?

  • Shawn Kitchen

    I don’t understand Jensen’s reticence about Pike’s Peak either, given his abiding love and respect for the Isle of Man.

  • racerX

    both great guys, praying for Connor.

  • racerX

    Jensen – if this is as close to a congratulations as you will give, I will take it.

  • Oh, I have zero problem giving congratulations to Pikes Peak competitors. That race is more than just the 10+ minutes of riding up the mountain.

    It’s a week of waking up at 3am, freezing your ass off, sucking wind at elevation, and dealing with highly variable course conditions. It’s brutal.

    Full props for anyone who turns a wheel or wrench there.

  • My issue isn’t that it’s a road course, or that it’s dangerous. My issue is how poorly it’s organized. It’s funny that you mention the TT, since the first time I went to Pikes Peak was a couple weeks after I went to the Isle of Man for the first time.

    For two races that are pretty similar, you could not draw more dissimilarities between how they are organized, promoted, and executed.

  • Jet lag.

  • It truly is.

  • I like Peaks Peak as a venue, I don’t like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb…if that makes sense.

    The race is total amateur-hour when it comes to organization. They have zero eyes on the course and poor communication for the spots where they do. The information they give competitors about conditions and the course is appalling, so much so that the top motorcycle names had to set up their own mentoring program with the Ducati Squadra Alpina project, to help ensure rider safety.

    At the end of the day, Pikes Peak is caught being an international magnet, which sees major brands using PPIHC as a marketing event (Ducati, Victory, etc), but it’s still operated like the good old boys club that it’s been for the past 100 years.

    The potential here is so high, but the execution is so low.

  • michael uhlarik

    As a former contestant, I agree with your assessment of the execution (although I would not characterize the information about conditions as “appalling” at all).

    The PPIHC it is being operated on a shoestring by an independent organization and manned by volunteers. That’s not an excuse, but rather a statement of fact. Like the 24 Hours of LeMans, which is owned and operated by the private Autoclub de L’ouest de France, it is precisely because it’s independent that makes it such a good race. Like LeMans, it is a race for predominantly amateurs, who get to mix with professional, factory efforts. Simple, inexpensive to enter, and almost completely devoid of politics.

    The IoM TT is financially supported by various government bodies at the regional and European level. That would be like the state of Colorado, and US federal government putting up funding for motorsport. Unless that happens, or if it gets sold and re-branded as the “Burger King Whopper International Hill Climb” (which is the more typical US racing scenario) then it will continue to be like it is.

    We found the organizers and staff helpful, serious about safety, and easy to work with. Could it be vastly improved? Of course. Is there a lot of risk for spectators and participants? Definitely. By entering the course during race week you accept that premise, because we are adults. At LeMans, The Goodwood Festival and other “fringe” international racing events, this is the practice.

    I respect your opinion, having met you there and read your work for years. This is my own, personal, view.

  • G

    I think that the organizers are somewhat terrified that a motorcyclist may get killed there – hence the rules towards “1 piece handlebars” etc., in contrast to how the TT accepts it as part and parcel. The focus on cars is somewhat a result of this, however, motorcycles will always be the junior class at PPIHC – a function of the history, the organizers (Car guys), sponsorship dollars and fear that the next YouTube video will be a departure from the turn, over the cliff, and out into the blue.