Motorcycle-Only Results from the 92nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb:

P.I.C. Name Class Lap Time Machine
1 Jeremy Toye Pikes Peak Open 09:58.7 2013 Kawasaki
2 Lambert Fabrice Pikes Peak Open 10:04.4 2009 Ducati
3 Don Canet Pikes Peak Open 10:10.1 2014 Ducati
4 Micky Dymond Pikes Peak Open 10:11.3 2014 Ducati
5 Bruno Langlois Pikes Peak Open 10:14.5 2013 Ducati
6 Daniel Fernandez Pikes Peak Open 10:37.0 2014 Kawasaki
7 Tomasz Gombos Pikes Peak Open 10:37.2 2007 Yamaha
8 Olivier Ulmann Pikes Peak Open 10:37.2 2009 Ducati
1 Eric Piscione Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:46.2 2013 Ducati
2 Jeff Grace Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:55.7 2014 Triumph
1 Cal Collins Pikes Peak Lightweight 10:58.2 2011 Honda
3 Joseph Bernard Toner Pikes Peak Middleweight 10:58.5 2009 Kawasaki
9 Takahiro Itami Pikes Peak Open 10:58.6 2014 MV Agusta
2 Codie Vahsholtz Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:02.1 2005 KTM
3 Travis Newbold Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:04.3 2005 Honda
10 Carlton Sorensen Pikes Peak Open 11:04.9 2013 Kawasaki
4 Bobby Goodin Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:07.1 2014 675R
11 Glenn Consor Pikes Peak Open 11:08.2 2008 Yamaha
4 Joseph Connor Toner Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:11.1 2007 Aprilia
5 Zachary Jacobs Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:11.9 2009 Honda
5 Daniel Berendes Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:21.9 2008 Honda
12 Clive Savacool Pikes Peak Open 11:23.3 2010 BMW
6 J.D. Mosley Pikes Peak Middleweight 11:25.2 2007 Triumph
1 Guy Martin PPC-UTV/Exhibition 11:32.6 2014 Martek
2 Yasuo Arai PPC-UTV/Exhibition 11:33.6 1980 Kawasaki
6 Darryl Lujan Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:40.4 2013 Honda
7 Steve Alexander Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:45.1 2008 Aprilia
8 Trace Downing Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:45.8 2010 KTM
3 Masahiro Takano PPC-UTV/Exhibition 11:48.6 1973 Kawasaki
13 Eric Foutch Pikes Peak Open 11:55.4 2013 Ducati
9 Kevin Heil Pikes Peak Lightweight 11:57.2 2009 Aprilia
1 Jeff Clark Elec-Electric Production Bike 11:59.8 2013 Zero
14 Kristipher Lillegard Pikes Peak Open 12:00.9 2014 MV Agusta
10 Alan Cunningham Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:06.0 2002 Suzuki
1 Matt Meinert PPC-Pikes Peak 250 12:09.5 2004 Honda
7 Adam Bauer Pikes Peak Middleweight 12:16.9 2012 Kawasaki
8 David Johansen Pikes Peak Middleweight 12:19.4 2013 Ducati
1 Jeremiah Johnson Elec-Electric Modified Bike 12:20.4 2013 Brutus
11 Warren Egger Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:21.5 2005 KTM
15 Alberto Dalessio Pikes Peak Open 12:26.2 2011 Ducati
12 Doug Chestnutt Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:28.0 1992 Yamaha
9 Dan Elders Pikes Peak Middleweight 12:32.0 2008 Suzuki
10 David Rutherford Pikes Peak Middleweight 12:39.3 2005 Suzuki
11 Cody Steggell Pikes Peak Middleweight 12:42.9 2008 Suzuki
13 Raymond Van Antwerp Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:48.2 2007 Aprilia
14 Teague Sawyer Pikes Peak Lightweight 12:49.1 2005 Honda
1 Mark Shim PPC-Vintage Motorcycle 12:58.5 1971 Triumph
16 Jim Wilson Pikes Peak Open 12:59.7 2006 Suzuki
2 Jimi Heyder PPC-Pikes Peak 250 13:01.2 1989 Heyder/Suzuki
2 Lloyd Hale PPC-Vintage Motorcycle 13:27.7 1978 Yamaha
2 Yoshihiro Kishimoto Elec-Electric Modified Bike 13:36.7 2014 Mirai
4 Mike Ryan PPC-UTV/Exhibition 13:46.9 2014 Triumph
3 Michael Valdez PPC-Vintage Motorcycle 14:04.1 1976 Yamaha
3 Steve Mageors PPC-Pikes Peak 250 15:04.7 2010 Suzuki
12 Michael Henao Pikes Peak Middleweight 17:26.1 2006 Kawasaki
4 Mike Scarsella PPC-Vintage Motorcycle –.— 1974 Triumph

Source: PPIHC; Photos: © 2014 Jamey Price / Jamey Price Photo – All Rights Reserved

  • Bill

    Outright record back to ICE. Not as many electric bikes in this years race. Too bad, would have liked to see a better comparison after last year.

  • The outright record has always been with an internal combustion motorcycle. Carlin’s lap on the Lightning last year was faster than any other bike, ICE or electric, but was not quicker than his record from the year before on the Ducati Multistrada 1200.

  • David

    Bummer that Guy Martin didn’t do better.

  • Poop


    Guy Martin looked like he was on a retro cafe racer. I too thought he did poorly when I saw this list but had he been on a superbike, he probably would have finished higher in the rankings.

  • Realist

    @ Poop

    No he wasn’t on a retro cafe racer, it was a turbo GSXR1100 with a big bore kit running at least 320hp with a Martek frame and top spec suspension and breaks.

    So yes it was a bit of a let down even though he won his class. Perhaps he is still learning the course.

    Who knows?

    More about the bike here —>

    Obviously you think if it doesn’t have a faring then it can’t be fast.

  • Brian

    Guy had motorcycle problems the whole week. Not a fair comparison of his abilities obv.

  • Poop


    Oops, I guess I looked too briefly at Martin’s bike from the photo I saw. It looked like a retro cafe racer from the front.

    Actually, I prefer non-faired bikes. Had a Duc Streetfighter and now a Triumph Speed Triple R. More than fast enough for me.

  • paulus

    Pikes Peak seemed to get a lot less build up and coverage this year…
    I wonder if the tarmac is ruining the appeal of the event

  • The officials are ruining the appeal of the event. Pikes Peak is by far the most difficult event to cover in terms of communication, logistics, and professionalism.

    Throw in a week of 2am morning starts, freezing conditions, 14,000 of elevation, and the regular work day that follows after all that…and yeah…I’ll probably never go back. Didn’t miss going in-person this year, that’s for sure.

  • paulus

    JB – thanks for suffering for the benefit of our reading pleasure :)

  • Gutterslob

    Somewhere in France, Sebastian Loeb is yawning.

  • Campisi

    Having only two electric entries certainly dampened my enthusiasm for this year’s event. I can understand the rationale for the production electric motorcycle companies skipping racing- your products are focused on commuting, a modus operandi diametrically opposed to all-out track speed- but motorcycles are supposed to be fun, and going fast on a mountain road is a blast. Pikes Peak also happens to be the only major racing event that actually plays to the strengths of an electric drivetrain.

    Don’t want to pay for a serious effort? Make it an entertaining exhibition event then. Hell, do a Star Wars tie-in: make the bikes brown and green, dress your riders in black and white, and quote your final times in parsecs.

  • Just because I can…all quoted parsecs by riders should be the same.

    Han shot first, btw.

  • tony

    yall all suck. jeremy toye is certainly one of the top road racers in the world and by far the best our country has to offer. he’s also a super nice guy, genius tuner, and i’m lucky to count him as a friend and rider coach. yet all that is discussed here is how guy had problems all week and i prefer unfaired bikes etc. boohoo and blah blah!

    we bemoan that the u.s. is falling behind in top level bike racing yet don’t acknowledge the brilliance of one of our own. shame on you commenters! congratulations jeremy! looking forward to seeing you back in sd…

  • tlzook

    Congrats to JT. Glad that Guy came over to play as well.


    Kenny Noyes leads Superbike in Spanish FIM, PJ Jacobsen just scored his first podium in WSS after some great racing last year in BSB. Caterham is letting Josh Herrin “crash and learn” in Moto2. Prayers that something here gets the DMG/AMA back to what it used to be, there is some talent out there, they just don’t have anywhere to ride..