IOMTT: SES TT Zero Race Results

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You either love the technology and progress being showcased in the SES TT Zero race at the Isle of Man TT, or you hate the lack of sound, slower speeds, and fairly predictable outcomes that the electric race provides.

For our part, we love watching the electrics go around the Mountain Course, and if you have been following the practice and qualifying sessions for the TT Zero class, the racing is anything but a parade lap at the pointy end of the entry list.

With John McGuinness leading the field with his Mugen Shinden Ni going into the 2013 TT Zero, many wondered if MotoCzysz could make it four in a row at the 2013 Isle of Man TT.

To win though, McGuinness would have to defeat two-time TT Zero winner Michael Rutter, and the 2010 TT Zero winner Mark Miller, both of whom are on the brand new 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc this fortnight. Well, now we know the answer. Click through past the jump for our full race report 2013 SES TT Zero.

Fastest out of the gate, McGuinness took an early lead headed through Glen Helen, with a solid nine second lead on Michael Rutter, and a 10 second gap to Mark Miller. This would be the peak of McGuinness’s lead though, as Rutter slowly built up steam on his pace.

Rutter was quickest through the Sulby straight speed trap, touting a 142.2 mph top speed. Comparatively, McGuinness went 131.8 mph on the Mugen Shinden Ni, while Rob Barber did an impressive 122.7 mph.

Eight seconds back at the Bungalow on the top of the Mountain section, Rutter poured it on, astoundingly dropping the distance to McGuinness to only 0.791 seconds at Cronk-ny-Mona.

As they came to the grandstand, Rutter crossed the line first, and as the suspense built with each second, McGuinness arrived 21.672 seconds later (109.523 mph). With McGuinness starting 20 seconds behind Rutter, this meant a final gap between the two riders of only 1.671 seconds — advantage Rutter.

Making it a hat trick, Rutter also set a new Mountain Course record for the electric race bikes: 109.675 mph — just short of the 110 mph barrier by a few seconds.

With Mark Miller having to retire at Ballaugh Bridge, presumably because of a machine failure, Rob Barber with the Ohio State University student team rounded out the podium, with an impressive 90.4 mph lap.

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Source: IOMTT; Photo: © 2013 Richard Mushet / Mushet Photo – All Rights Reserved