IOMTT: Nail-Biter Finish for Supersport TT Race 1

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Monday’s racing at the 2012 Isle of Man TT started with the Monster Energy Supersport TT race, as the 600’s got their first of two races around the Mountain Course this fortnight. Race 1 for the supersports proved to be a thrilling four laps for TT fans, as Bruce Antsey brought his Kiwi A-game to the race, making ground on the field throughout the race, and winning with just .77 seconds separating him from Aussie Cameron Donald — one of the closet margins ever in TT history.

With the Dunlop brothers duking it out in Lap 1, Gary Johnson interjected himself into the conversation by the start of the second lap. As William Dunlop faded down the field (ultimately finishing third), it looked like his brother Michael Dunlop would carry his margin to the end, but the Irish rider had to retire at Ballig Bridge. This left the race wide-open for Johnson, Antsey, and Donald, who were .62 second apart from each other at the Ramsey Hairpin on the fourth and final lap.

With that margin being maintained at the Bungalow, there was a bit of a shock as Johnson passed through Cronk-ny-Mona eight seconds back, handing the lead to Anstey. With Johnson’s bike running out of fuel, he could not press on further in the race, though Cameron Donald did. Crossing the finish line ahead of Anstey, the Wilson Craig Honda showed great speed, but not enough to catch the Padgetts Honda of Anstey. Maintaining his lead to the finish, Anstey’s margin of victory was the second closest finish ever, after Mark Baldwin’s 0.60 second victory over Mick Lofthouse in 1995.

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Photo: © 2012 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved