You can’t talk about old school TT racing without mentioning the name Joey Dunlop. The outright record-holder for the most TT race wins at the Isle of Man TT, Joey Dunlop is an absolute icon at the Manx island, and road racing in general. He is quite simply the King of the Mountain.

So to help celebrate this year’s Classic TT, Arai will produce 300 units of its RX7-GP helmet in Joey Dunlop’s livery from 1985. Arai is calling the helmet the most authentic limited edition Joey Dunlop replica helmet ever produced, and it’s using the actual design and sponsors from 1985 season. Additionally, Linda Dunlop, Joey’s widow, will be signing each of the 300 exclusive helmets being produced.

A good find for any collector, or any fan of Joey Dunlop really, will be the sole-distributor in Europe, which is taking pre-orders at the full asking price of £700. Don’t expect to see this special helmet available in the United States.

“I am happy that the new Arai has come about, it looks great and I know that Joey’s fans from around the world have been looking for another replica to be done by Arai,” said Linda Dunlop. “It keeps Joey’s memory alive. I am also happy that Northern Ireland company Crossan’s are taking care of the sales and mail order of the new helmet.”


Joey Dunlop (500 Honda) 1987 Senior TT

Source: Classic TT

  • Patron

    Beautiful helmet. Always loved the design. Looked for a JD replica years back but because if the crazy price,
    Couldn’t justify the purchase. If I did decide to buy one though, I’d think I’d try and request that it not be signed. I’m sure Linda is a lovely person, but why would I want her signature?

  • Ken C.

    I’ve seen some Joey Dunlop replica helmets for sale in the US, but not the RX-7 GP, and not signed. Arai is selling them as Corsair-V’s over here.

  • mike

    I’d be too embarrassed. It’s just so wrong pretending to be someone so much better than I could ever be.

  • sgt hulka

    i’ve had a great respect for JD thru the decades. wanted one, but just couldnt afford the last generation limited edition.

    bought an arai, took it to a local (good) painter and had one done at 1/3 the price.

    (its a pretty simple design)

  • n/a


    ….Why no Robert Dunlop replica!?

  • Larry

    At the NW200 in Portstewart, NI this year I saw a custom? half Joey, Half Robert helmet in the crowd. I was able to say a compliment, but unable to get a pic.