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11/18/2016 @ 2:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler98 COMMENTS


We are launching something very special today, which is geared towards our most diehard readers. We call it A&R Pro. It is a premium membership that offers more features to the Asphalt & Rubber website, and more of the A&R content that you have grown to love.

For some of our readers, Asphalt & Rubber is maybe one of several websites you stop to read during the day, and it helps feed your two-wheeled addiction during the work week.

For others, your relationship with Asphalt & Rubber is more infrequent, stopping by A&R maybe whenever an interesting article shows up in your news feed or social media accounts.

That is great, and we are stoked to have you here. Your experience of Asphalt & Rubber isn’t going to change very much going forward, as we are deeply committed to providing free access to timely news, smart analysis, and unbiased reviews to all of our readers.

But, for the Asphalt & Rubber readers who can’t get enough of A&R – often coming here multiple times per day to get the latest stories – we wanted to offer you more of the content and community that you thrive on; and in the same breath, give you a way to help support Asphalt & RubberThat’s where A&R Pro comes in.

Before I list the benefits of A&R Pro, I want to make it really clear that Asphalt & Rubber isn’t putting up a paywall to our content. We will continue to be a free website, and pretty much everything you enjoy already on Asphalt & Rubber will continue to be the same as it now: free for all to access.

What we are doing though is providing more features and content for Asphalt & Rubber power users – individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe motorcycles, and can’t get enough A&R content in their daily lives.

To that end, A&R Pro accounts will receive the following benefits by signing up:

  • No Display Advertising – A&R Pro members will be able to browse Asphalt & Rubber without the annoyance of advertisements
  • No Racing Spoilers – During the racing season, qualifying and racing reports and results will be without spoilers for A&R Pro members
  • Access to Exclusive Content – Each week, A&R Pro members will be treated to exclusive long-form analysis, interview, and opinion content
  • More Access to A&R Contributors – More access to the writers of Asphalt & Rubber team, via email and “Ask Me Anything” forums

In addition to a robust set of features and exclusive contest, A&R Pro gives you the opportunity to support what we do here at Asphalt & Rubber. We have had quite a few readers ask how they can donate money to the site, and help us continue the coverage of the motorcycle industry that we provide.

That is not really our style here – I personally don’t believe in asking for handouts – instead, we want always to earn your support. One way we do that is through the content we provide, and the other will be through the features that we are offering with the A&R Pro membership accounts.

Asphalt & Rubber has always strived to be an independent voice in the motorcycle industry, chasing the stories that we think are important, not just fluffing our readers with press releases and clickbait to get a couple extra pageviews.

By signing up for A&R Pro, you help us to continue that goal, and in fact make us more independent.

We are pretty excited for what we have planned for A&R Pro members, and we hope you will join us. A yearly membership is $39.99, and has the most value, but you can sign-up for monthly ($4.99/month) and half-year ($24.99/half-year) memberships as well. The sign-up page is right here.

Thank you for being an Asphalt & Rubber reader, and if you become an A&R Pro reader we are certainly excited to have you along for the ride. If you have questions about A&R Pro, I will try to answer them in the comments section below.


  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    Payment sent — couldn’t be happier to support this site.

  • Timbo Baggins

    So this is an interesting idea. I do read the site pretty much daily and I don’t mind contributing to support the content creators. However I’m having a hard time finding the value here. Let me play devli’s advocate for a second: if don’t want to have races spoiled for me then I don’t read your website, its pretty simple. If I don’t want ads, adblocker is your friend. Exclusive content, now you’ve got my attention… would you care to elaborate on what stories you’ll be reporting on? I’d be way more interested in “pro deals” similar to the outdoor industry, or any gear reviews for that matter. I did sign up for a month so we’ll see how it goes.

    I like you Jensen, I do, I’m just not sure I want to put a ring on it just yet.

  • Shawn Kitchen

    I’m with you, Timbo. The AdBlock extension for Chrome is my friend, and I’m not in the habit of looking at ANY website on race day until after I’ve seen the race, so there goes 50% of the added value.

    More access to contributors? Not sure I see the added value to that. I’m not in the habit of chatting up internet writers. There goes 75% of the added value.

    So that leaves “exclusive content”. I’m not about to plunk down $40 unless I have some idea of how value-added that exclusive content is. If the exclusive content is as predictable as the Two Enthusiast podcast releases…

    I appreciate what Jensen’s trying to do (honestly), but I think that the value-add isn’t where it needs to be.

  • Daniel Croft

    Signed up, love your work, mate. :D

  • Crutchie

    I’m a big fan of what you do here and really enjoy the content you provide. But I’m with these guys, its hard to see the value add here from signing up to pro? But hey, I’m happy to support the site so I’m in.

  • SXV 550

    I’m a diehard reader visiting several times a day, however I don’t follow any of the racing news. Maybe I’m skeptical but since most industry news gets circulated/rehashed all over what’s preventing the exclusive content from being just race oriented stuff?

  • Thanks Dustin, much appreciated.

  • CBR Sean

    Same boat here. I feel it’s going to be crowded here.

  • I get it, and the whole point of this is to create value for our more loyal readers.

    To give you an idea what exclusive content you can expect, I’m going to post a A&R Pro type stories all next week, which will be available to everyone.

    I’m from Oakland, I know all about giving the first one for free.

    Basically though, they will be long-er-form type pieces, 1000+ words, on different industry topics. MotoGP just finished up, so there are some interesting stats to look at there. I have a good post on Polaris that I’ve been working on as well, titled “How Polaris Can Mutate and Takeover the World”. I also have a couple deep interviews with industry big-wigs, which didn’t lend themselves to being chopped into 250-500 word stories.

    I’m old-school Timbo, I’m gonna take you out to a nice steak dinner before I expect you to put out.

  • AdBlock will probably kill the internet, not today, but eventually.

    I hear a lot of publishers complaining about it, and my response has frankly been that it’s our job as publishers to give you the reader a better way of supporting our content. My response to this problem is A&R Pro.

    I think we put together a pretty good package for premium content and features, and I’m of course open to suggestions on how we can improve, but if the value isn’t there for you, then it isn’t there. Right?

    This isn’t for everyone, and we knew that going into it. But in the same breath, I get guys emailing me saying how they turn their adblock off for A&R because they want to support the site, and this is our way of giving those kind readers something more, in exchange for their support.

  • Thanks Daniel!

  • Very little of it will be racing oriented.

    As you pointed out, news is very much a commodity. I don’t really want to be in a commodity business, so our exclusive content will focus on industry analysis and opinion pieces.

    Hopefully one of the reasons you visit the site several times a day is because you’re interested in seeing our take on news and events. The goal of A&R Pro is to give you more of that.

  • Either way, thanks for the support!

  • Keith

    Will this new direction impact your Two Enthusiasts podcasts?
    I could see how it might…but I sure hope not because they are great.

  • Christopher Horrell

    Subscribed and looking forward to the new content.

  • Timbo Baggins

    Haha, well, I did sign up for a month. We can be exclusive but I’m not deleting Tinder just yet.

  • APG

    Year bought & paid for. Keep up the great work, Two Enthusiasts has been a huge addition for me.

  • Crutchie

    No worries. Is video content something you are looking into also or is it a bit too time consuming/expensive? Just out of curiosity, loving the podcast in any event!

  • Video is certainly something I want to dip into more. It’s expensive and time consuming, for sure. So, doing it is partially dependent on how many sign-ups we get for A&R Pro, and also what sort of format we think works best for Asphalt & Rubber.

    Truthfully, Two Enthusiasts will probably do video before A&R does, not that there’s much of a distinction between the two.

  • I’m actually really pumped about what we’re going to do for spoilers on the site. I’m surprised no one else is doing something similar, especially the racing sites.

    As for HFL and RideApart, I think the distinction is pretty clear, they were giving something away for free, and then started charging for it. We’re going to continue giving away our free content, and add a layer of content and features that a select group will hopefully pay for.

    It’s the difference between a paywall format and a freemium format.

  • No, it shouldn’t. If anything, it might help it more. A&R basically pays the bills for Two Enthusiasts, while we figure out how to monetize the show.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the shows. We just recorded a live show here in PDX. Had a great turnout. We’re thinking about doing more around the country (SF and Austin more likely).

  • Thanks Chris!

  • Thank you. Q and I really enjoy doing the podcast. It’s definitely a learning experience, and we’re still figuring it out (the same can be said of the Paddock Pass Podcast), but the response has been positive from listeners.

    We’ll probably start having some guests on the show(s), and try a few different formats, to see what the next level looks like.

  • Oh, more than expecting it to be. Like I said in the post, this is something for a select group of readers. If it’s not your jam, that’s fine, it’ll be business as usual for you regardless. Win/win.

  • Just signed up for 6 months :-) Why would anyone use adblock on your site? Display ads have never been an issue around here. Looking forward to reading you guys!

  • randybsinger

    I don’t turn adblock off on A&R only to support the site. I turn adblock off because the ads on A&R are primarily aimed at motorcyclists. These are the only ads that I actually *want* to see. Even right now, there are two ads on this page that seem interesting that I will investigate.

  • Travis Zilch

    I’m in. Happy to support my favorite moto site.

  • AHA

    Paid. I don’t get ‘Freemium’ – its a con. I also don’t get people on here who say they are happy to ‘support’ the site by reading it for free but nitpick the premium bundle. Freeloaders shouldn’t whinge.

  • spamtasticus

    I would like to put in my two cents on this as someone who has been reading your blog, will get a subscription, have been a dev and infosec pro for decades, and have been using the internet since before the web. AD block may be the bullet but I assure you that the ad companies and many of the sites they collaborate with are the gun that fired it. Their escalating dissregard for our privacy, security, time, and even good taste made ad blocking software not only viable and desireable to mllions, but to those of us who understand what is going on under the hood, completely necesary. I, as someone who lives off of IP allow the benign ads to get through on the sites I regularly consume such as yours but have my browser not only on lockdown but actually have two browsing ecosystems. One for consumption and one for interaction to keep my data and habbits away from the web at large. You know its bad when browser devs are having to dissable batery level data access to websites just to keep them from Identifying and tracking someone who specifically asked not to be identified and tracked.

    That said, I will be subscribing the second you add either Paypal, Apple Pay, or Bitcoin as options because the value of this site greatly exceeds the new cost to me. I would pay even without the added bonuses but look forward to the new content and to the end of the sporadic “DAMMIT!” that would ring across my house when oppening A&R on a race weekend before watching the race and catching a glimpse of the headder photo

  • spamtasticus

    I actually ended up at A&R as a direct result of what happened at Hell For Leather.

  • Shawn Kitchen

    I have a terrible time with the ads on this site. The way they load drives me crazy; you’ll be in the middle of reading a story, and then some ad finishes loading on the side bar and then *BAM*… your page jumps around and you lose your place in the story.

    That alone is the single reason why I use AdBlock on this site. If I don’t, it takes literally 60-90 seconds for a page to finish loading so that I can read it uninterrupted.

  • A&R is still far from being as annoying with the ads as other sites… try with a Spanish IP and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There we don’t even show content to users with adblock… it makes the difference between surviving and bankruptcy :/

  • Shawn Kitchen

    Just tried that site, got two pop-up videos and an animated ad before the home page even finished loading. How annoying.

    When will companies realize that shoving advertisements in people’s faces is ultimately self-defeating? From the second I wake up until the minute I go to sleep, I’m inundated with people saying “BUY THIS!”. It’s irritating as hell (pop-up ads especially), and I’ve gone so far as to purchase things from the *competitors* of companies that hit me with intrusive ads. (Are you listening to me, people at FUSAR??)

    Maybe Jensen has a better idea. But now there’s a new problem – Most of A&R’s content during the MotoGP season (the only part of the year that matters) comes from David Emmett, and he wants my money, too. I see a cage match coming up to determine the winner. Two men enter, one man leaves. Old age and treachery (David) vs. youth and skill (Jensen). There’s your value-added content!

  • Sam Miller

    That click click site is ridiculously silly.

  • CBR Sean

    I’m in.

  • CBR Sean

    Good question, how is our card information protected?

  • Josh Sousa

    i think an a&r t shirt and some decals for the shop and truck should be included!! i will be bothering the lady for a pass thins weekend!!! love the site check it all day at work!!

  • imprezive

    I agree that I’d like to see a paypal or Apple Pay option.

  • ML

    Can we get a paypal option, Jensen?

  • motoschmoto

    I’m all in for this. It’s mad that much of our culture believes content ‘should’ be free (and win/win that Jensen is keeping the ‘normal’ content free). I’m totally in for supporting the people who spend time creating great things (whether visual art, music or writing). I’ve lived within those circles of people who make nothing while giving more time than most do to full time jobs to be creative. Totally willing to pay for advertising to go away too though I must say that A&R advertising (as others have pointed out) is unintrusive and relevant to the readers that come to this site.

  • I hear that one sometimes too.

  • motoschmoto

    +1 for shirt and decals!! :D

  • There’s nothing you said there that I disagree with. It’s the ecosystem that’s flawed. There are few sites, usually from print publications, that bog down my browser so bad, I just give up.

    The security aspect is another concern I share too, and it only adds fodder to the argument about how the ecosystem is flawed.

  • That’s what I’ll be working on today. I had it setup at launch, and it worked fine when it was in test mode, but threw and error when it went live. Go fig.

  • A lot of people came here after what happened at HFL…

  • Zeek Seseika

    ya I’ll wait awhile till paypal or Apple is up and safe…

  • The sad part is we work really hard to improve the load time of A&R, only to watch bad display ads bog down the load time. Maybe one of the perks I should have listed for A&R Pro was a quicker website? It’s certainly faster.

  • David and I have a great relationship. We’ve had a lot of conversations about ads vs. subscribers, and he’s frankly the one who pushed me to get A&R Pro live.

    Nothing will change in terms of the GP coverage of his that we post here, and we’re looking at ways where we can collaborate on our premium account offerings, i.e. a package deal or something similar.

    I should point out, it helps if people express an interest in having access to both sites at a reduced rate.

  • Good to have you on board, Travis!

  • I don’t see how it’s a con. You get X for free, and you get X+Y if you pay. Either way, thanks for supporting the site.

  • I would definitely like to get some swag made. Hopefully we can put that together in time for the holidays.

  • Working on it. I’ll ping back when it’s up.

  • Mill0048

    Perhaps another option I’ve seen on other sites is a subscription level just to remove ads. It can be a time interval, like a monthly or yearly sub, or a one-time purchase. I’d be happy to contribute just to remove the ads legitimately.

  • A&R does not store, nor does it have access to, your credit card info. The sign-up process is done under the HTTPS protocol, which uses TLS/AES encryption, and other modern cipher suites.

    A separate secure connection is used by your browser to connect to a third-party gateway for payment processing (Stripe/Paypal), which handles all the payment info, and just gives us a yes/no as to whether your payment went through.

    This keeps us blind to you credit card info through out the whole process, and means that A&R doesn’t store any of your payment information afterwards.

  • That’s pretty much what we’re doing here, and then adding some more features on top of it.

    I mean, I could setup a “no-ads” only membership level, but it would cost the same as these do now, purely because that’s where the price point has to be for this to make sense.

  • Alexander White

    I’ve signed up, but is there way to get the premium content in RSS or how are you going to alert people to it?

  • I would just like to point out that I think it’s pretty cool that the head honcho at one of our advertisers just signed up for A&R Pro.

    There are some brands that truly “get it” when it comes to marketing, and understand how to do their business in a non-smarmy way.

    It’s cool to see them supporting A&R not only with their advertising, but also with things like this.

  • Premium content will show in the RSS feed, and various social media feeds. On the site, they will have red “A&R Pro” tags in their name (like this post does), and I will also be setting up a section for premium content, so you can click right to it.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Swag would be bitchin!!!

  • Mill0048

    Good point. At the very least I disabled my AdBlock. I’m taking a wait and see approach on the new content.

  • First priority is A&R banana hammocks, obviously.

  • mb

    just one thing – mind I’m not marketing expert – isn’t it a bit odd that you have to tease the new content in the comments part? Wouldn’t it be just easier if you have released some articles online straight ahead after this one and mark them already as “soon for A&R Pro only”?
    I know that among A&R readers in the comment zone feels almost like with family, but it would be a tiny bit clearer what’s happening
    anyway, love what you’re doing mate. Keep on going.

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    I’ll take 6

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I just bought a year membership. I don’t even know what I bought, but damn Jenson, you work your ass off. No other web site can compare to yours. I check it multiple times daily. It’s worth every penny.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    You should collaborate with Chaseon2wheels. His test ride videos are better than any other non magazine reviews out there. Regardless of what you do, A&R is the best motorcycle website in existence.

  • PayPal should be working now. Let me know if it’s not.

  • You should be able to sign up with PayPal now.

  • Try now.

  • lennard schuurmans

    this reminds me of the Hellforleather website that wanted more cash…. a few months later the site died! I don”t think this is the way to go.

  • lennard schuurmans

    yeah me too, that”s why I’m here. let”s hopelijk we can stay

  • spamtasticus

    Thanx. Done deal.

  • spamtasticus

    The value is he does not run out of money and goes back to washing bikes in a bikini for latte money. Then we end up having to read about motorcycle stuff on lesser venues.

  • TacoTheTerrible

    I think that this SHOULD impact the podcast, and here’s why:

    What you’re doing is the blog equivalent of Patreon for podcasts. I think Patreon is a great idea. Two podcats I love (The Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance) have patron only content while continuing to give free listeners quality programming. You sign up on Patreon and they give you your episode a day early, it’s ad-free, and you have access to bonus content, bloopers and extended news segments. You could take the podcast to Patreon and still provide the quality Two Enthusiasts show that you both put out, but perhaps include interviews or gear reviews on the patron-only side.

    Just my $0.02

  • TacoTheTerrible

    Hey, Shawn. I fix computers for the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, and I have to tell you that my experience on this site is not the same as yours. Perhaps some of that is connection speed (I’m on fiber, don’t know what your connection is), but I can also tel you that a lot of browser bars and spyware can really impact your browsing experience by hijacking your sessions and sending data to third parties (causing your page to load slower and invading your privacy).

    I’m not saying this is the case FOR YOU, but when was the last time you cleaned your computer and checked for spy/malware? Spybot Search and Destroy is free, and does a wonderful job (you have to run it manually though and update it manually in the free version) and Avast is a great antivirus that never ever charges you (I hope you’re not paying for antivirus).

    Check these things out, please. They might improve your browsing experience.

  • TacoTheTerrible

    Did you know that you’re the only site I have permanently whitelisted? Thanks for providing quality content.

  • Barry Rothwell Taylor

    Sorry but as 60 and living off savings can’t afford pay-for-view .
    Good luck with your endeavour .

  • Shawn Kitchen

    Consider my interest expressed.

  • TacoTheTerrible

    YES!!! SWAG!

  • TacoTheTerrible

    Agreed. It’s my homepage.

  • No worries, Barry.

    It’ll still be business as usual for non-Pro members.

  • That’s because we are of a similar mindset when it comes to our pro-Taco platform.

  • I’ll be really honest, I have no idea how we’re going to make a buck on the podcasts, and we need to because they’re a huge time suck. Super fun to make, but every hour of show is like three more hours in post-production to get them to the standard I want.

    Most of the OEMs in the motorcycle industry either have no idea what a podcast is, so that always makes for a fun pitch. We’ve talked about Patreon, and I’m starting to come around to it. The question then becomes what sort of perks we can offer that make sense for our format and goals. That’s where I get lost.

  • TacoTheTerrible

    Fair enough. IF I were to be come a patreon subscriber (and you would be the only one I subscribe to) here is what I would want:

    1. A shoutout to new subscribers at the end of each show (Patreon will give you a list)

    2. Early access to the show via RSS or through email (Patreon will handle that for you as well)

    3. Patron-only episodes (not all the time but…)

    4. Access to the occasional (not all the time ) A&R pro article, delivered to my inbox via patreon

    5. I want to know what you ride, and what Quentin rides, and what gear and brands you trust. I am just as interested in the gear as I am the bikes. This includes things like gopro, and hero, and Scorpion, even Bell. Perhaps a newsletter occasionally when new gear is purchased and the likes/dislikes compared to previous things you’ve owned.

  • TacoTheTerrible

    Tacos are natures perfect food. Designed to fit the shape of the hand, compact, portable. Just like Ray Comfort’s Banana

  • Crutchie

    Agreed, thats why I signed up! I don’t mind paying if the content is good, and hey, everything can’t always be free.

  • Paul McM

    I support the concept wholeheartedly. However I do have a feature request for subscribers. I use an iPhone and I have been unable to get the mobile-friendly version of A&R. Could you please have a user-configurable display? I have tried pretty much everything including uninstalling the browsers, deleting all history in the browsers, deleting site history through iOS “settings”, deleting all browser files through settings, accessing through proxy, “flashing” the RAM through a forced power cycle (and a few other tricks) and I am still getting the desktop version on my iPhone. This makes it hard to read the stories.

    BTW, I also run a couple websites, and I recommend that, for revenue-generating purposes, you create an affiliate account with Amazon. I would be happy to explain the details of this. A&R could get a significant commission on every product that Amazon sells. The biggest month of the year is December, so all the more reason to start this ASAP.

  • The mobile theme is a constant thorn in my side, mostly because we use WP Touch to generate it, and I’m not a fan of their software. It will return shortly (the current version had a bug that was eating server resources). In the medium term, I want to get a new theme up for A&R, which will be more mobile friendly.

    I have thought about Amazon affiliates. I have ethical concerns about promoting or reviewing a product where we get paid if someone buys it. You can make a little money posting items you think are good, but you can make even more money posting a bunch of mediocre products that you say are good…

    Ping me about it though (contact form). It’d be worth having a chat about.

  • Paul McM

    Email sent, and I’ve subscribed to PRO. FYI, I can explain why the ethical thing is really a non-issue. Bottom line 98% of the commissions will NOT be products that you feature or review. But rather will be things that Amazon visitors purchase in the ensuing 24 hours after they click. You could review a motorcycle helmet, but get paid on a purchase of a coffee-maker or ebook . It’s the power of 24hr tracking cookies.

  • sutty

    Interested in a reduced rate for A&R and Motomatters combo subs

  • Paul McM

    I did just join so I’m not talking through my hat (I hope). I would happily pay $20 per month for a Moto site that had actual truthful, knowledgeable, insightful motorcycle reviews that weren’t full of lies and did not bend over backwards to disguise the shortcomings of the tested motorcycles. Reviews that actually compared one motorcycle honestly with another so you could understand the pros and cons. I strongly believe that if we had truly honest motorcycle reviews by people who really understood motorcycles, we would end up with better machines. We would see immediate improvement in seat comfort, ergonomics, aerodynamics, lighting, secure storage, control layouts, and maintenance access.

    Instead we get hype from shills at CW that it is worse than untrustworthy. It’s sad when you start an article from a major media source knowing that it’s going to be full of lies, distortions and BS. To whit: I recently rented an Indian chieftain, after watching four video reviews and Reading a half dozen print or web reviews — all glowing. Within ten minutes of being on the bike I found three major “deal breaker” shortcomings that were not mentioned by any reviewer. I knew right then that the typical review is phony and not to be trusted….

    A subscriber-based service that provided truly trustworthy reviews would be a much needed and truly revolutionary advancement in motorcycle journalism.


    Jensen, if you really want to buy a sidecar rig and go camping with your dog, just take a couple weeks off. But wait until the weather gets a little nicer. It’s too cold and too wet this time of year. It will be much nicer in May, June, July. I know the holidays are a tough time of year for a lot of people, but please, there’s no need to do anything drastic. It’ll get better I promise. And we’re all here for you, your fans and your friends. We think you’re great and we just don’t want to lose you.

  • NortNad

    I have thought about it (long & hard) and it will wrong of me to not sign up. I dont care about the “extra content”, I just like what you guys do (including Q) Keep it coming :)

  • NortNad

    was that Dustin Pipes?

  • In the photo? I wish!

  • Many thanks! #KSU

  • NortNad

    in the comment section, I saw a “Dustin”

  • Walter

    I’ll give you my opinion– great idea but I think your price is about 2-3x what it should be for just your site content.

    What you should look into is some kind of revenue share. For example, an A&R Premium gets a sub to Moto Matters (and a reciprocal arrangement). There are probably several sites with which you could do this kind of arrangement.

    My reason for saying this is that an awful lot (you can debate the percentage) of what most every mc site I (and probably many others) read is covered in lesser or greater quality by all of them: so what I’d gladly pay for is something unique. And unique can be quality of writing on a subject or a particular perspective.

    That would make a pretty compelling value proposition- and especially so if you tie it in with a print outlet (some of us still like our physical magazines).

    It will take a kind of collaboration that this industry hasn’t shown most appetite for: but I think it represents an inevitable future for the successful concerns that don’t want to be ad slaves.

  • The answer is pretty simple. If I priced it as you suggest, I’d be losing money with each post.

    I do agree that when it comes to basic news, you can find the same information, to a varying degree, on a variety of sites. With A&R Pro though, you will be getting content that no one else has, or even attempts to cover. Have you seen the stories I’ve put out already?