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Introducing A&R Pro Premium Memberships

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We are launching something very special today, which is geared towards our most diehard readers. We call it A&R Pro. It is a premium membership that offers more features to the Asphalt & Rubber website, and more of the A&R content that you have grown to love.

For some of our readers, Asphalt & Rubber is maybe one of several websites you stop to read during the day, and it helps feed your two-wheeled addiction during the work week.

For others, your relationship with Asphalt & Rubber is more infrequent, stopping by A&R maybe whenever an interesting article shows up in your news feed or social media accounts.

That is great, and we are stoked to have you here. Your experience of Asphalt & Rubber isn’t going to change very much going forward, as we are deeply committed to providing free access to timely news, smart analysis, and unbiased reviews to all of our readers.

But, for the Asphalt & Rubber readers who can’t get enough of A&R – often coming here multiple times per day to get the latest stories – we wanted to offer you more of the content and community that you thrive on; and in the same breath, give you a way to help support Asphalt & RubberThat’s where A&R Pro comes in.

Before I list the benefits of A&R Pro, I want to make it really clear that Asphalt & Rubber isn’t putting up a paywall to our content. We will continue to be a free website, and pretty much everything you enjoy already on Asphalt & Rubber will continue to be the same as it now: free for all to access.

What we are doing though is providing more features and content for Asphalt & Rubber power users – individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe motorcycles, and can’t get enough A&R content in their daily lives.

To that end, A&R Pro accounts will receive the following benefits by signing up:

  • No Display Advertising – A&R Pro members will be able to browse Asphalt & Rubber without the annoyance of advertisements
  • No Racing Spoilers – During the racing season, qualifying and racing reports and results will be without spoilers for A&R Pro members
  • Access to Exclusive Content – Each week, A&R Pro members will be treated to exclusive long-form analysis, interview, and opinion content
  • More Access to A&R Contributors – More access to the writers of Asphalt & Rubber team, via email and “Ask Me Anything” forums

In addition to a robust set of features and exclusive contest, A&R Pro gives you the opportunity to support what we do here at Asphalt & Rubber. We have had quite a few readers ask how they can donate money to the site, and help us continue the coverage of the motorcycle industry that we provide.

That is not really our style here – I personally don’t believe in asking for handouts – instead, we want always to earn your support. One way we do that is through the content we provide, and the other will be through the features that we are offering with the A&R Pro membership accounts.

Asphalt & Rubber has always strived to be an independent voice in the motorcycle industry, chasing the stories that we think are important, not just fluffing our readers with press releases and clickbait to get a couple extra pageviews.

By signing up for A&R Pro, you help us to continue that goal, and in fact make us more independent.

We are pretty excited for what we have planned for A&R Pro members, and we hope you will join us. A yearly membership is $39.99, and has the most value, but you can sign-up for monthly ($4.99/month) and half-year ($24.99/half-year) memberships as well. The sign-up page is right here.

Thank you for being an Asphalt & Rubber reader, and if you become an A&R Pro reader we are certainly excited to have you along for the ride. If you have questions about A&R Pro, I will try to answer them in the comments section below.


Jensen Beeler

Despite his best efforts, Jensen is called one of the most influential bloggers in the motorcycle industry, and sometimes consults for motorcycle companies, whether they've solicited his expertise or not.