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Much has been said about Danilo Petrucci’s next move after MotoGP, and currently the Italian rider is making headlines in the 2022 Dakar Rally.

Petrucci’s Dakar debut may not being so good, considering his KTM 450 Rally broke down, and he had to be rescued by helicopter (effectively ending his bid for a good result), but there is other news about the former-MotoGP racer.

That is to say, Danilo Petrucci seems set to be MotoAmerica’s next big name, as the Italian confirmed the news while talking to Raquel Jiménez Rodríguez at the Motosan.es website.

Episode 257 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this one sees us talking to the current MotoGP World Champion, Fabio Quartararo.

On the mics previewing the interview, we have Steve EnglishDavid Emmett, Neil Morrison, and Adam Wheeler, as they look back on the Frenchman’s 2021 season, and his path to becoming the first grand prix champion from France.

The guys start off the show going through the the top moments of the Frenchman’s season, from “Zippergate” to him buttoning up the season title with rounds to spare.

From there, we hear from the man himself, in a short interview with our very own Adam Wheeler. It’s all very interesting, and not to be missed.

Can Fabio defend the title in 2022? And will he continue his career with Yamaha going forward? The guys discuss this issues and more. As always, the conversation is insightful and lively, and adds another dimension to what goes on in the paddock.

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Big things are moving in the Norton Motorcycle company. After the company’s purchase by TVS, the Norton V4SV superbike program has been rebooted, with some pretty substantial changes and updates to the platform.

The British brand is set to bring a naked version of its superbike as well, showing a prototype of what is being called the Norton V4CR café racer.

True to the ethos of the café racer genre, the Norton V4CR is very much a superbike without fairings, including clip-ons rather than an upright handlebar.

Stark Future is the newest electric two-wheel maker on the market, debuting their electric dirt bike, the Stark VARG.

Despite being a new outfit, Stark’s electric motocross machine boasts some impressive stats right out of the gate, with a claimed 80hp power figure and a 242 lbs ready-to-ride weight.

Perhaps most importantly, the Stark VARG looks the part of a serious dirt bike – electric or otherwise.

A bit of a Christmas surprise landed in our inbox today, as the Ducati MotoE project is further along than expected, with their “V21L” prototype bike caught making laps at the Misano World Circuit.

The bike is the first iteration of what will be raced in the MotoE World Cup, starting in the 2023 season.

And while Ducati just announced its intent to takeover that series a few months ago, the Italian brand is clearly far from the beginning stages of that project.

Californian regulators have voted to ban the sale of new gas-powered generators, starting in 2028.

The news comes as part of a larger crackdown on “off-road small-displacement” motors, which includes lawnmowers and leaf blowers, which will become outlawed starting in 2024.

Gas generator have their provisions, which give them an extra four-year reprieve, and none of this legislation outlaws the use of currently owned equipment.

There was a period during the previous decade where Formula 1 was steadily losing ground to MotoGP.

While Bernie Ecclestone had made four-wheeled grand prix racing successful in the era of TV and print media, his dismissal of social media, combined with processional racing, saw the ratings of the sport decline.

Dorna, after a similarly difficult start, finally embraced social media in the middle of the last decade, and that attention to the benefits of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram helped build the profile of the sport.