Zero Motorcycles Habla Español

02/01/2011 @ 5:36 pm, by Jensen Beeler1 COMMENT

Your favorite electric motorcycle company from the sunny beach town of Santa Cruz is about to get some more international appeal, as Zero Motorcycles has announced today that it will expand its dealer network south of the border and into Mexico. Signing local distributor Dofesa Aventura (the Mexican distributor for Polaris and its Victory motorcycle brand), Zero’s S and DS models are immediately available for demo rides, and the rest of Zero’s line-up is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

This move continues Zero’s agressive international presence, as the brand already entered the European market back in 2008, and completes Zero’s presence in North America as Zero Motorcycles are already available in the United States and Canada as well.

“Zero Motorcycles has experienced exceptional growth throughout Europe, and now we are pleased to be expanding our sales and distribution channels in North America with our neighbors in Mexico to continue the enhancement of Zero’s international reach,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of World Wide Sales at Zero Motorcycles. “It has become increasingly important in this market to deliver an unparalleled experience for those who are interested in affordable, high-performance, two-wheeled transportation and, with Dofesa Aventura, we are perfectly poised to support this development and demand.”

Source: Zero Motorcycles

  • BikePilot

    I love me some baja! I do worry that Zero is on the wrong track if the picture is intended to depict their intended market in Mexico. I’ve found that the fuel range of my XR650R with an after-market 4.3 gal tank is insufficient to allow unsupported rides to some parts of Baja (even in Baja California). I suspect that re-charge stations may be even harder to locate and you can’t bum a spare NiMh (or Li or whatever) battery from a “fisherman” when ya get low. The bikes might be quite well suited for navigating congested city streets though (and maybe even better suited for renting to american tourists) and perhaps the picture is meant to romanticize the mundane rather than indicate intended use :)