Zero Motorcycles Drops Prices by $1,350, Across the Board

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If you’re in the market for a electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles, now is your chance. The big news is that Zero is dropping the prices on its 2015 bikes by $1,350, across the board.

The price decrease comes in response to the company’s decreased costs on batteries, which in-turn Zero is passing on to its customers.

While all potential customers will benefit from this news, the price cut is going to be perhaps the most helpful for non-US buyers.

Most Zero prices around the world are based off the American MSRP, and with the euro weak against the dollar, European Zero dealers can absorb the changes in the currency exchange.

“As leaders in this space we believe it is important to pass on the benefits of improved battery technology and our increased scale to consumers as soon as possible to allow more motorcyclists to experience the thrill of electric,” said Richard Walker, Zero Motorcycles CEO.

“We’re not here to do things as they’ve been traditionally done in the motorcycle industry. Making this change mid-season to deliver great value to consumers at industry-leading price points, rather than waiting for 2016, is just the right thing to do.”

The New 2015 Zero Motorcycles Price List Is as Follows:

  • Zero FX ZF 2.8 – $8,495
  • Zero FX ZF 5.7 – $10,990
  • Zero DS ZF 9.4 – $11,995
  • Zero DS ZF 12.5 – $13,995
  • Zero S ZF 9.4 – $11,995
  • Zero S ZF 12.5 – $13,995
  • Zero SR ZF 12.5 – $15,995

Source: Zero Motorcycles

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