Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Down 12.8% for 2012

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While for the most part 2012 was a growth year for the motorcycle industry, not all of the OEMs faired the storm equally. Posting a 5.4% sales loss in 2012 compared to 2011, Yamaha also saw a massive decrease in net profits last year.

Generating ¥1,276 billion 2011, Yamaha saw a 5.4% decrease in revenues, with sales totaling ¥1,207 billion in 2012. While units sales and sales revenue were down only a modest amount, net income was down a massive 72.2%, ¥7.5 billion (2012) vs. ¥27 billion (2011).

Breaking things down by market, North America accounted for 71,000 tw0-wheeler sales in 2012, which was a 9.8% increase from 64,000 units Yamaha sold in 2011. This sales boost helped Yamaha make a 14.4% net sales gain in the US, with ¥41.6 billion in sales revenue.

The gains in US motorcycles sales were lost globally though, with Yamaha unit sales collectively dropping 12.8% worldwide. Leading the decrease were sales in the European Union, which continues to struggle economically. Sales also dipped in the emerging markets, like Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam, which Yamaha also attributes to the economic difficulties from the EU and USA.

India and Thailand were the only major emerging market to buck the trend in 2012, though part of that analysis has to take into account that Thailand was literally underwater for parts of 2011.

Source: Yamaha (PDF)