Yamaha USA Swallows Up Yamaha Canada

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The past recession, and its possible double-dipping nature, still has the motorcycle industry on its heels. This fact can be no better exemplified than by the latest move from Yamaha, whose board of directors recently voted to merge its North American operations under one roof. In an effort to restructure itself more appropriately, Yamaha Motor Canada will become a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor USA, which would in turn take responsibility for the entire North American market.

Yamaha likely is undertaking the move because of the operational similarities between the previously separate entities, not to mention the savings involved by reducing  the redundancy). The move places Yamaha Canada as one of Yamaha USA’s 10 subsidiary divisions, which includes the company’s North American manufacturing, Skeeter Products, Tennessee Watercraft, and six others. The result of this business move should have little impact on what consumers in either the US or Canadian market experience.

Source: Yamaha Motor Corporation via