Ride A Yamaha in the Palm of Your Hand

03/15/2010 @ 6:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Yamaha has gotten on board with this amazing new age device called “the iPhone”. You may have heard about this crazy thing that kids are using, and perhaps even seen a segment about it on 60 Minutes. Helping fuel the addiction, Yamaha’s application brings riding a Yamaha street bike or dirt bike into the palm of your hand…we think.¬†Our Japanese is admittedly not so good…as in, no one here at the A&R office speaks it.

Despite this setback, we’re fairly certain the idea behind this iPhone application from Yamaha has to do with reving a make believe motorcycle with one’s closed hand, and pretending that an YZF-R1 or YZ450F is blowing your hair back, all while wearing a black Alpinestars glove. If that’s still not clear, check out this video after the jump for a demonstration of how to use the iPhone application from various angles and riding modes. You can download the application and try it your self here.

Source: Yamaha Riding Works via MotoBlog

  • Do you have to be ATGATT to ride the iphone?

  • Greminn

    This is kind of stupid. really.


    Fun for about 5 secs.

    If only they would really use the potential of the iPhone to the max. I say a standard connection on the R1 for data management. Or a Nike+ style tracking setup for leisure or track days, think angle measurements etc. Navigation usage, extra data display gear indication or front rear brake pressure, tyre pressure. Possibilities are endless

    But instead cheap sound by the flick of your hand.

    I’m glad Motoczysz is being innovative.

  • That is just dumb.

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