Yamaha Motor Leads $12 Million Investment into Roam Robotics

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As the year winds down, we continue to think about the future. The other day, Bugatti showed us its 3D printed titanium brake calipers, and now we turn ourselves to another budding technology.

Roam Robotics is not a company you are likely to have heard of, but Yamaha Motor certainly is, and the Japanese motorcycle brand recently flexed its investing arm, leading a $12 million investment round  into the aforementioned Silicon Valley tech startup.

While the technology is complex, the concept behind Roam’s business is not, as they are developing an exoskeleton system that will help to enhance the physical movements of both the able-bodied and handicapable.

Roam’s first product is the Elevate system, which is designed for skiers. According to Roam, Elevate boosts your quad strength, which gives the skier more control, stronger turns, and longer runs, all while reducing muscle fatigue and joint pressure.

The tech centers around air-powered actuators, which can offload about 30% of the user’s bodyweight, and you can read about it more on Roam’s website.

While Roam’s business is pretty interesting, what is more intriguing is Yamaha’s investment in this mobility company. What does this exoskeleton technology mean for powersport users?

When you look at Yamaha’s other technology investments, like the Motobot motorcycle-riding robot, and the Niken three-wheeled motorcycle, Roam’s technology makes some interesting links.

It will be intriguing to watch those connections come together, especially as Roam branches out from the snowsports arena, and into the mainstream. Keep an eye on this space.

Source: Yamaha Motor

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