Motobot is Coming to the Tokyo Motor Show, And…

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I am of the opinion that Yamaha’s Motobot program is perhaps the most significant undertaking going on in motorcycles right now.

I’ve already explained why Motobot means a tremendous amount to the furthering of technology in robotics and autonomous vehicles, and how it will help explain the complexities of rider dynamics, so I won’t rehash it further.

Needless to say though, I am excited to see this plucky blue robot in action on a race track. So, consider my interest piqued when I saw Motobot being promoted for next month’s 45th Tokyo Motor Show.

But, I might be more intrigued by how Yamaha is promoting Motobot’s appearance in Tokyo…

One of Motobot’s main goals was to autonomously ride around a race track by the end of this year, as the robot gets ready to race nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi.

It wouldn’t surprise us to hear Yamaha making that announcement at that point in time, and the Tokyo Motor Show would be an ideal event to make such a proclamation. For that, we will have to stay tuned…

…Until then though, enjoy this very interesting webpage for Motobot’s Tokyo debut. We are sure that the captions make more sense in Japanese, but Google Translate makes for a fun read.

Source: Yamaha

Jensen Beeler

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