Yamaha’s “FZ” Line Becomes “MT” in the USA

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We interrupt this EICMA show coverage for an adjustment in semantics, as Yamaha Motor USA has informed as that going forward into the 2018 model year, the company’s lineup of “FZ” motorcycle models will go by the designation “MT” – thus aligning themselves with the rest of the Yamaha markets worldwide.

The FZ designation – used on the FZ-10, FZ-09, and FZ-07 – was always a curiosity when Yamaha started using “MT” back in 2005, though it likely stems from the name-recognition found with the very popular Yamaha FZ-1 at the time.

Regardless of that, the new “MT” designation – which stands for “Master of Torque” – will go into effect next year, starting with the newly revised Yamaha MT-07.

A minor piece of news, this will at least maintain our journalistic sanity, as Asphalt & Rubber caters in equal parts to domestic and international readers. It’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for Yamaha Motor USA’s marketing to do the same.

Source: Yamaha USA