Yamaha Gets Particular About ‘Fazer8’ Nomenclature

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UPDATE: The 2010 Yamaha Fazer8 ABS has officially been released.

It would seem that Yamaha Motor Europe is getting a little particular about what people call their new 800cc naked street bike. Dubbed the “Fazer8” by the tuning fork brand, Europeans seem to be more comfortable calling the new Fazer by the previously agreed upon naming method: the FZ8 Fazer. “Whoa, wait, slow down there padre!” says Yamaha.

Tomatoes/tomatoes (pronounce one those tomatoes differently) you might say, but Yamaha goes on to say the proper pronunciation of the bike’s name is with an English word for the number 8. Here’s a quick demonstration: Yamaha prefers “Fazer Eight” to “Fazer Ocho” (Spanish), “Fazer Otto” (Italian), “Fazer Huit” (French), “Fazer Bitch!” (Bad English). You can imagine how this is going over on a land mass slightly smaller than the United States but comprised of 23 official languages.

Now while that might get a little too Orwellian for some, brace yourselves for the hinting that the rest of the Fazer progeny may soon get the same naming convention applied to it. After calling their bikes by the respective names for some time now, Stateside Fazer1 and Fazer6 owners might take some solice in the fact the Fazer8 is not confirmed for US soil…yet.

The following video is not safe for work, but might make a good dramatization of the whole debacle.