Video: Women Riders of the FIM

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Usually when you see a video of lovely lady standing next to a motorcycle at an FIM sanctioned event, she’s holding an umbrella. Well the FIM is hoping to change that perception a bit, and is serving up this video with its resident supermodels ladies of motorcycling talking about what they do best. Featuring Leslie Porterfield (FIM World LSR Holder), Livia Lancelot (FIM Women’s Motocross World Champion) and Laia Sanz (FIM Women’s Trial World Champion), the video is a part of the new FIM campaign called “Women Ride” that hopes to encourage more femme fatal in our two-wheeled sport. Video after the jump.

The FIM Commission for Women in Motorcycling, along with the Marketing & Communications Department of the FIM, hope to not only change the stereotype of women in motorcycling with this video, but to also encourage more ladies into taking up motorcycling as passion and hobby. It should not be a surprise to many to find out that motorcycling is a male dominated endeavor (our site stats show 90% of you are male).

Source: FIM via Ultimate Motorcycling