Vyrus 986 M2 Street Version in September

01/24/2011 @ 12:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

We’re still recovering from the impressive bout of puppy love we had with the Vyrus 986 M2 Moto2 race bike that was debuted in Verona last weekend. And just when we thought we had that love sickness beat, we get news that the Italian manufacturer expects to debut its street version of the 986 by September of this year (swoon!).

Like the race bike, the street version will center around a modified Honda CBR600RR motor, and will come chalked full of go-fast goodies, including a custom special-built exhaust by Zard.

With the race bike tipping the scales at an anorexic 135kg (297 lbs), and the Honda motor making roughly 125hp, the street-going Vyrus 986 M2 should be a potent supersport for the few that can afford it. Like the race version, expect the new Vyrus to feature an Öhlins TTX46 rear shock, Brembo monoblocs, and Marchesini rims.

A street-legal version is expected in September with lights, mirrors, and turn signals, as well as a track-only model that we imagine will be closer to the Moto2 variant with carbon fairings, and not-quite-legal ECU mapping.

Source: MotoBlog.it

  • Other Sean

    Mind blowingly good looking…this is the first true exotic that’s appealed to me in a long time. Definitely poster worthy.

  • monkeyfumi

    They might need to do something about the tank/crotch interface…

  • Jeram


    I hope this ends up in Moto-2

    They really need a bike out there thats different!

    This could really change the sport of motorcycling if its successfull….
    We could actually see the big four making HCS (hub center steering) bikes too!

  • aaron

    I would dearly love to see this thing do well, even win championships…. but aren’t they running a spec tire in moto2? at these levels tires used to be made to suit a a given teams combination of tele forks and twin spar frame just to be competitive. (and if you were a top rider, to suit your individual style) to run such a radically different approach to chassis design on tires built specifically for the way ALL the other bikes are designed is unlikely to turn out well…

    having said that, I’ll go out of my way to watch more moto2 races to track it’s progress. so will others. convincing sponsors to sign up shouldn’t be much of a problem, because they’ll have their name splashed across the only bike that half the audience is paying attention to.

    all the more reason for dorna to commission a second spec tire designed for the different loading characteristics of FFE bikes!

    what is that in the background, another ducati chopper? or is it liquid cooled? maybe a sv650? the frame reminds me of a 900ss though…

  • ray

    That is the nicest looking bike I have ever seen.

  • Keith

    hmm, but is the R6 the only “option” to the Honda motor.

  • 76

    awesome good to see something new and hopefully competitive, good luck!

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