Beleaguered French motorcycle company Voxan has found life after death, and today was acquired by Venturi Automobiles. Backed by an investment group in Monaco, Venturi itself was resurrected back in 2001, but with new cash in-hand the company sees motorcycles as a way to bolster its portfolio.

The French conglomerate has released some interesting plans for its newly acquired motorcycle company, namely that it hopes to have Voxan release a production electric motorcycle in the next three years.

Voxan has always been the epitome of French-ness: distinct, and sometimes odd. Over the 15 year history of the Voxan brand, the company has created some really eye-catching designs (like the Charade Racing above), and some designs that are…less appealing (like the canned Super Naked XV Café Racer).

Unfortunately for the mark, this unique perspective on motorcycling never really panned out into a huge success, and the company went into receivership late last year.

Finding new life at Venturi, the automobile company has a new plan for Voxan, and calls its old motorcycles “collector pieces”, implying the company will take a new direction from this point forward.

We don’t have to guess for too long on what that plan will entail, as Venturi has released a statement saying that Voxan will produce a production electric motorcycle within the next three years, as the brand seems headed to be pure-play electric company.

Source: Venturi

  • Oh God … not another bloody electric motorcycle.

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  • Doctor Jelly

    Oh god YES! Another bloody electric motorcycle!

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  • ludofrenchalpes

    COCORICO ;) via Monaco … ( belle leçon) VIVE LA FRANCE qui as laisser tomber ce bijou ( V2 72° 1000cc )
    peu de soutien sur le WAKAM V2 S&S
    amis des US ,votre grand pays passe du noir au vert !! le golfe du Mexique montre les limites du système des fous, hélas ,pour toutes les âmes perdues en ces lieux :(
    vous avez ZERO moto en production de beaux engins ;)
    Roher / mission/ zéro et beaucoup autres… MAIS, Mr Michael Czysz ,nous donne SA version de concept & de futur .
    de tout le net que je parcours ,c’est la plus aboutie , elle inspire le respect et la contemplation . ainsi que sa pensée
    A mon humble avis , je pense que Mr Britten serais aussi E-moto si il serais encore dans son garage/labo … (R.I.P)