Rumors of Volkswagen Selling Ducati Once Again Fizzle

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Ducati cannot seem to escape the constant rumors that Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess is looking to sell the Italian motorcycle brand, as once again rumors about the divesture of Ducati Motor Holding have been circling the internet.

But these rumors, as they have in the past, have been for naught. With the Volkswagen board once again confirming Diess’s role in the company, the position of Ducati in the German house remains secure.

For those tracking the story, it is really more about Lamborghini than it is Ducati, but the folks in Borgo Panigale get lumped into the narrative because of the often overlooked fact that Lamborghini owns Ducati on paper (which in turn is owned by Audi, which in turn is owned by Volkswagen).

The Volkswagen board have been considering putting at least part of Lamborghini on the stock exchange, divesting some of VW’s interest in the boutique Italian marque.

This notion comes as Herr Diess considers the future for the Volkswagen group, citing that the future of VW relies on it adapting to the changing digital landscape, as it applies to the transportation sector.

This nod to the rise of electric vehicles, automated transportation services, and shift in mobility habits is surely going to affect how the VW Group manages its house of brands, which is where this endless speculation finds its roots.

To the rumormongers’ credit, we have already seen the shift of Bentley into the umbrella of Audi, starting on March 1st, 2021, which is centered around the English marque sharing EV platform technology with its German luxury counterpart.

For now though, Lamborghini and Ducati are safe under Audi’s oversight, especially the latter, which has a strong backing from VW’s labor unions.

As loyal A&R readers will remember, the Volkswagen labor unions played an important role in keeping Ducati within the German conglomerate the last time divesture rumors were rife.

While today’s news puts to rest this Ducati rumor once again, we are certain this isn’t the last time we have heard it. Until next time, dear readers.

Source: Bloomberg

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