Video: Who is Max Biaggi?

02/23/2012 @ 9:36 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

I’m not going to front, when it comes to jobs, I have a pretty good thing going here with Asphalt & Rubber. Of course, if you want to talk about guys who really have turned a passion into a dream, Jamie Robinson takes the cake. Traveling around the world on miscellaneous two-wheeled adventures, the moto-videographer gets to sit down with some of the most interesting personalities in motorcycling. This morning, Jamie sent us this video of an interview he did with probably one of the most mysterious persons in motorcycle racing: Max Biaggi.

The Roman Emperor as he has become called, Biaggi has an amazing life story, and has often been cast as the antagonist in pieces involving fellow Italians Loris Capirossi, Valentino Rossi, and more recently Marco Melandri. A four-time 250GP World Champion, Biaggi’s crowning achievement to-date was his 2010 World Superbike Championship victory on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory. Plagued with injuries during the 2011 season, Biaggi is back for 2012 and looking for his #1 plate again.

Despite what you probably already think of Max Biaggi, Jamie has really managed to show another side to the Italian rider in this video interview. Now a family man and in his 40’s, maybe what we are seeing is a new and improved Biaggi, or then again, maybe this is the same Max that the media just never wanted to portray. Good stuff, check it out after the jump.

Max Biaggi’s 2012 Aprilia WSBK Livery:

Source: MotoGeo

  • FYI – the i in Marco Melandri wasn’t include in the link!

  • Smitch

    Jamie Robinson might invest in a microphone for his subjects…the audio is echoey and a little tough in concert with Biaggi’s accent!

  • Daz

    Brilliant interview. I haven’t been a fan of the Max Biaggi personality in the past, but always thought he was an awesome rider. I get the feeling he was speaking more from his heart and not from a PR release.

  • It’s funny, but I’ve always wanted to dislike Biaggi, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. I’ve been going through the complete race archives at recently and am just beginning the 1998 season. Through the previous years of watching Biaggi win the 250cc championship and the way he expressed himself in interviews, I’ve come to really appreciate his riding and passion for the sport.

    True, running Rossi off the track at almost 300 kph is bad juu-juu, but overall I’m becoming a fan. Despite my intentions to the contrary.

  • Cool video… a personal friend of mine once wrote to Max and thought nothing of it… A couple of weeks later she recieved a letter from Max along with some sign hats and posters… Max is tough on track but way cool of it so here’s hoping for a good 2012 … Wonder if Aprillia and Max end up back in MOTOGP for 2013!?!?!?!?!

  • Westward

    I had the personal experience of shaking the man’s hand, as I looked him in the eyes and said in the early rounds of 2010, “You are going to be champion at seasons end.” He smiled and said, “I am doing my best.” He seemed a decent fellow… But he also seems like the type to get caught up in the moment…

    But overall, he’s a good guy…

    I would have liked him better if he had taken Ducati up on their offer to ride for them in 2003 MotoGP. Maybe, he would have teamed up with Capirossi, and Bayliss would have stayed in WSBK and won one more title than he has…

  • AK

    Alain Prost

  • sburns2421

    He is certainly one of the more interesting characters in racing in the last 25 years. Immensely talented, but IMO his only real detriment was that he was racing at the same time as Rossi while on an outclassed Yamaha early in the 990 era. Without VR in the picture, you never know what Max could have achieved in the way of early MotoGP championships. IIRC he is the only rider to have ever won their first 500GP race AND their first WSBK race.

    Videos like this are nice because it shows another side to racers away from the track. One thing I always liked about him was that he was “real”. If he was happy, you knew it. If he wasn’t, you definitely knew that too. But regardless you could just see his intensity and desire to compete. Age and children may have softened him a bit off the track, but I suspect when the helmet goes on it is still 1994 and Massimiliano wants nothing other than to crush the spirit of his competition.

    If the Aprilia CRT bike proves to be competitive it would be great to see him race a round or two late in the season.

  • Boxerguy

    I’ve been impressed with Max the past several years. I can’t be certain if ‘Faster’ simply cast him in an unfortunate light. When I’d seen his podium interviews of late, it’s obvious he’s got more dimension and personality than many of his peers. Perhaps due to age. This video only underscores the ‘human’ side of the Emperor. Well done.

  • bonbon60

    Loved him then , love him now. I think he’s a great guy and the publicity machine , other people , racers really tried to make him look bad. Did he make some mistakes , of course. Show me who hasn’t. Some people are jealous of him , and didn’t like it when he stood up for himself. Of course max is far from perfect, but so are ALL Of us. He gave his all , and gave my husband and I years of great racing. I wish all of the guys well , and miss Max racing so much ! Bonnie Landino