Video: Horex VR6 Engine Goes Prrr…

12/03/2010 @ 5:45 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

If you ever wanted to know what a 1200cc VR6 motor sounds like on a dyno, well today’s your lucky day my friend. German restart Horex Motorcycles has put its 15° six-cylinder motor through its paces recently, and had the foresight to record the event on video. With a motor no wider than an inline-four, listen while the Horex VR6 concept idles and revs with German efficiency. And oh that whistle sound, yeah we forgot to mention this is the supercharged 200hp variant. Happy Friday.

Source: Horex via MCN

  • BikePilot

    I like it! I’d maybe shorten the tank just a touch and move the seat forward, but seems very co0l. Forced induction is the way of the future especially when more than two cyl’s are involved on a bike.

  • Rob

    ^^ I disagree about the forced induction, I can only imagine this same engine making about 160hp without the weight, heat and necessary complications of the supercharger. It seems it would make bike better to ride without…then again, Ive never ridden it lol

  • Richard Gozinya

    Looks and sounds great, but I just don’t see why some want to put that kind of power into a naked bike. Would rather see an emphasis on bigger torque. That’s just me though.

  • Brij

    Happy Friday, indeed!!! Awesome!!

  • Ty

    A sure competitor for the most beautiful thing on two wheels!

  • Keith

    Oh my…OH MY…um, uh I’ll be over here having a quick smoke and maybe some alone time, anyone have a kleenax?

  • Jake Fox

    Damn purdy. Sound ain’t half bad either. Where can I get one?

  • irksome

    Sweet Baby Cheeses. This will look lovely next to the Norton 961 in the garage of my dreams.