Take heart my two-wheel riding cohort: four courageous, topical, and freedom-loving senators are fighting for your right not to be discriminated against based on the number of wheels between your knees.

A bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate on March 5th aims to prohibit the use of federal funding to programs that seek to setup “motorcycle-only checkpoints.”

The aptly named, “Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act,” would restrict the Secretary of Transportation from granting funds to government entities that want to make sure you and your passenger have on a helmet, amongst other things.

Citing the fact that more than half a million dollars were spent on such programs in the last two years, the bill’s authors and backers, including the AMA, would rather see that money spent on improving the scope and effectiveness of rider education.

Our valiant advocates, the AMA, have been tracking such heinous programs since they were first implemented in New York. Since then other states such as Georgia and Virginia have utilized the tactic of motorcycle-only checkpoints during large biker gatherings and events.

Let us all hope that the bill passes, and then our moto-super-hero-senators can try their hand at something a bit more ambitious.

Source: AMA

  • JoeD

    Can we please stop using a cruiser silhouette for every thing motorcycle related? I ride a motorcycle not a bike and I am a motorcyclist not a biker. I would also add that the wording of “biker gatherings and events” conveys an image of Hollywood inspired and public embraced stereotypes. We need a better look for our craft.

  • MrDefo

    I sympathize, JoeD, but at the same time cruisers are the most popular style of motorcycle in this country. So, it makes sense to use that as the universal symbol for motorcycling when in general no other distinction is required.

  • proudAmerican

    I’d be very interested in just what guise was used by the lawmakers who authored the bill to start these checkpoints against motorcyclists, in the first place. How did they even become legal?

    How ’bout a checkpoint that specifically targets Asian drivers? That’d get some media attention. For the slower readers, yes, I’m being sarcastic.

    It’s incredible that motorcyclists have actually been subjected to these detentions, merely for the mode of transportation they chose that day.

  • Quiet American

    Maybe they could just modify the law to read “Cruisers Only Checkpoints”. Then, the cops could just plant phony evidence during the inspections. Ride a Harley, you go to jail for life. After we get rid of the bike gang wannabes, we could target vehicles that are stereotypic of attorneys. Why stop there, it would be fun to put gun owners, animal rights activitists, people with Christian fishes, and those cripples who get the best parking spaces away, too. Heck, I’m thinking I should start the parade by ratting on myself and all my neighbors, especially the guy who owns the Suzuki Intruder. If you ride of of those, just cause can already be assumed.

  • spamtasticus
  • All of our civil rights being trampled upon in the emerging police state, and this is what you choose to focus on?

    Congratulations, it’s just this kind of distraction, diversion and obfuscation that today’s scumbag politicians , and the corporate swine that Own them outright, use to keep you looking one way, while the real fight is going on someplace else.

    So now they won’t be able to just stop you on your motorcycle at a checkpoint without stopping at least one car, but of course the cops will be able to beat you to death with impunity, or shoot you 15 times in the chest with a Glock, when you reach for your wallet, and they say they mistook it for a weapon.

    You’ve got to be a real imbecile to think that this means anything or will change anything, but I suppose that’s who this kind of thing speaks to, people who have given up on the things that matter and choose to focus on meaningless crap that make them feel momentarily empowered.

    It’s the kind of thing that gives motorcycle riders a reputation for being lowbrow morons, and I’m sad to say this view is often correct.