US Motorcycle Sales Up 4.0% in Q2 2014

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The US economy has been slow to recover, and so too has the US motorcycle market. With first-quarter sales down 0.3% this year though, it looked like the US motorcycle market was about to flatline.

Thankfully, that has not been the case in Q2 of 2014, as the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is proud to report that US motorcycle sales are up 4.0% in the second quarter of this year.

Selling 169,111 units in Q2 2014 (6,585 more than in 2013), motorcycles sales in the US so far this year are now up 2.6%, with 263,833 units sold so far in 2014.

For the on-road market, Q2 2014 saw 121,393 street bikes sold in Q2 2014, making it 186,694 for the year-to-date. This brings on-road motorcycle sales up 1.7% so far this year, thanks to the strong second-quarter showing.

In the off-road segment, the numbers are bit more grim, as the MIC reports sales are 6.4% so far this year, compared to 2013. That drop in sales is primarily due to weak second-quarter sales though, which were down 9.2% in Q2 2014.

Despite being roughly half the size of the off-road market, the dual-sport segment is showing strong signs, and is up 7.2% YTD in 2014, with a strong 9.3% bump in Q2 2014.

Selling 17,664 units so far this year, scooter sales are flat for the first six-months of 2014, down -0.3%. However, considering that scooter sales were down 10.7% last quarter, Q2 saw an impressive rebound, with the 567 unit deficit to last year being the exact figure the segment lost in Q1, making Q2 a truly break-even quarter.

Combined Q1 & Q2 Sales Figures for the US Motorcycle Market:

2014 2013 Change Percent Change
DUAL 20,033 18,688 1345 7.2%
OFF-HWY 37,742 37,349 -2393 -6.4%
ON-HWY 186,394 183,332 3062 1.7%
SCOOTER 17,664 17,691 -597 -0.2%
TOTAL 263,833 257,060 6773 2.6%
ATV 107,283 106,686 597 0.6%

Source: MIC

Jensen Beeler

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