“On Two Wheels” Moves to Motor Trend…and TV

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If you haven’t heard of “On Two Wheels” then you have been missing out on one of YouTube’s best motorcycle shows. The hosts Ari Henning and Zack Courts are some of the best riders in the business, and the show takes an informative and fun approach to talking two wheels.

Graduating to the big leagues now, Ari and Zack are headed to the Motor Trend Group (self-described as the largest automotive media company in the world), with a new show that will be featured on the Motor Trend On Demand streaming service, as well the Motor Trend Network TV channel that will debut in the fall.

The new show, which is using the working title of “Uncaged” (a nod to Motor Trend’s car-heavy content) is expected to continue the “On Two Wheels” formula, with Ari and Zack doing their usual moto-adventures and reviews – Spenser Robert also continues the adventure, in his role as showrunner.

“We’re creating best-in-class content featuring top experts that will rev the engine of motor minded fans everywhere,” said Robert Scanlon, President of Velocity and Motor Trend Group Video Content.

“These series are part of the new Motor Trend, which nourishes audiences’ passions across multiple platforms including online, digital and social media in addition to television via Motor Trend Network coming this fall.”

As you can expect, “Uncaged” is Motor Trend’s first foray into the motorcycle realm, and the show will surely be a good starting point for the automotive media company, as it looks to grow beyond four wheels.

To that same vein, “On Two Wheels” has been a shining star in the Bonnier Group’s lineup of motorcycle-related videos, and the loss of Ari and Zack will surely be a blow to the online agendas for the Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines.

Of course, being able to reach a broader audience, and take their program to the next level is surely a driving force behind this move to Motor Trend. We wish the duo the best of luck in the endeavor, and look forward to seeing what they can produce with Motor Trend.

What is to happen with the “On Two Wheels” name inside Bonnier? That remains to be seen. The motorcycle media house recently acquired the talents of the very photogenic Adam Waheed and Morgan Gales….as we are fond of saying, time will tell.

Source: Motor Trend