UberMOTO – Uber with Motorcycles Hits Thailand

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The idea of a motorcycle taxi sounds like a novelty in the Western World, but in Southeast Asia they are an effective and affordable way to cut through the massive traffic jams that occur in these developing countries.

It is only logical then that we see disruptive services appearing in this already lucrative space, so enter into the scheme UberMOTO.

The concept is as simple as the name, UberMOTO is just like Uber’s citizen-based taxi cab system, which allows you to hail a cab from the comfort of your smartphone, except instead of cars, it utilizing motorcycles.

Right now, Uber is limiting the pilot program only to the streets of Bangkok, but if successful we wouldn’t be surprised to see the service spread to other metropolitans in the Asian market.

As for UberMOTO coming to the USA or Europe, we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath. The idea is intriguing though.

Source: MotoFire

Jensen Beeler

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