Triumph Unit Sales Up 9% in April – Will Enter New Motorcycle Market Segments by 2012

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The motorcycle industry continues to thaw after its deep freeze during the recession, and a part of that warming effect comes from Triumph Motorcycles, who reported a 9% increase in unit sales in the United States for April 2010 when compared to April 2009. “It’s feels good to see consistent growth, and we’re optimistic about the future” said Mark Kennedy, President and CEO of Triumph Motorcycles North America. Continuing, Kennedy said, “…the U.S. economy is showing signs that indicate we should have a good year.” Part of the growth Kennedy is referencing to is of course having more customers purchase models from the existing model line-up, but Triumph also has its eye on new segments as well. More on that after the jump.

Triumph currently offers 16 different models spread-out across three motorcycle families, it’s cruiser, urban sport, and modern classic families. According to Triumph, the company will grow to its offering to include 23 models, which will span across seven motorcycle families by the end of 2012. This growth will also include new categories of motorcycle that Triumph currently does not compete in.

Triumph has also released that it plans to continue to offer new and Special Edition models in 2010, which will be offered only in limited numbers.

Source: Triumph