Triumph Boasts Big Sales Increases for Q1 2017

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Triumph Motorcycles America is reporting today a healthy 15% gain in its sales over Q1 2017, compared to the same time period from last year.

Triumph doesn’t breakout its sales figures by model, but we can expect that most of those gains come from the company’s “heritage” lineup, which has seen the addition of five new post-authentic motorcycles for the 2017 model year.

Of course, anyone who has followed the Triumph brand in the United States will greet this news with an ounce of skepticism, as the British marque has earned itself a reputation for being less than forthright with its sales figures.

Along that same vein, Triumph is making big talk about the success of its latest model, the Triumph Bonneville Bobber – fake carburetors and all.

As such, Triumph Motorcycles America says that the new Bobber is the company’s “most successful new model” ever. Triumph is basing this this claim off the number of customers who have taken delivery of a Triumph Bonneville Bobber in the first 30 days of the machine’s launch, which is a fairly irrelevant sales metric.

Of course outside of the Triumph spin-zone, this piece of news is less of about the shown interest for the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and more about Triumph’s ability to ship large quantities of Bobbers to its dealers within a 30-day time period.

We have no doubt that the Triumph Bonneville Bobber will sell well in the United States, as Triumph’s heritage collection continues to lead the brand in the USA, but we will wait for some more relevant metrics before playing Triumph’s PR game.

Source: Triumph

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