The Making of the EBR 1190RS: Part 1 (Prologue)

07/19/2011 @ 1:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

After unveiling the $40,000 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS street bike to the public last year, and recently taking the EBR 1190RS to Mid-Ohio for its AMA Pro Superbike racing debut, the guys at EBR are ready to show some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into America’s newest sport bike.

In what looks to be a several part video series, we’re given the prologue of the making of the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS, complete with sounds from Buell’s own record label, Rat Pak Records, and some seizure inducing footage (we actually like the production work, but worry about our epileptic readers watching this video…no, really).

So far we have little to go on as to where this “EBR Nation” series is headed, but there is one Geoff May talking some hyperbole about the EBR 1190RS (the latest AMA paddock scuttle-butt says that he will not be with the Erik Buell Racing team next year), and it closes with a fitting message from Erik Buell himself. Check it out after the jump, and check back here for more of these videos as we get them.

Source: Rat Pak Records (YouTube)

  • Ecosse

    40k for a bike. riiiight.

    and i’m sure the maladjusted 16 year old boys they’re targeting with this quick-edit style video are just queuing up with cash in hand.

    that said, cool bike.

    just not 40 grand cool.

  • Buellist

    Honestly i have seen a lot of bikes out here with much higher prices *cough* confederate*cough*, which are really not worth their weight for what they charge for! But this one is definitely worth every cent! But then again my opinion might be biased because i am a hardcore Erik buell fan!! if i had the money, right now, i would be seriously tempted to buy it, just cause i know i will not be disappointed!!
    When can we see a naked version?? aka, 1125CR revisited version!!!

  • Ades

    Is it me? Or is the audio overlay for the engine noise NOT from a V-Twin? ………

  • buellracerx

    +1 Ades was just about to make the same comment..could be attributed to taking footage at the race track, but seriously guys, lets hear that beautiful purr!

  • ducman1198

    Definitely not a Vtwin overlay!

    For that kind of cash (40k) ill get an BMW S1000RR 14k, a Ducati 1198 15k, and have a tad bit left over!

    Way over priced and over rated especially since were in a recession.

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  • Yeah I guess if you strip it down of most of the high end parts and replace them with some of the lower cost things like cast al wheels instead of forged magnesium wheels, and cut some power to match the 1198, and then add some weight to match both the bmw and duc, you could probably get one for the 21k asking price of the 1198 I looked at recently at a dealer. Oh wait, then I would have to deal with the excessively high operating, maintenance, and repair costs of owning a Ducati. Another point is that the Buell is just as close to winning a race this year as either bmw or ducacti.

  • Other Sean

    Bwahahaa, pyrogen you sound like an entrenched Buell o phile. Let me know when Buell shows up at WSBK. Until then, they’re just not on the same level.

    Don’t get me wrong, this bike is cool. But don’t try to compare it to BMW or Ducati.

  • ducman1198

    pyrogen…. dude…., i don’t know what crack pipe your smoking but your high if u think your over priced buell can compare to the Ducati and the BMW!

    Sorry but I’m going to have to give u a serious reality check!

    Eriks 1190RS is a sweet looking bike but pales in comparison to the BMW and the Ducati!

    The ducati has lots of trick bits, Ducati DTC, and its wheels are Marchesini Forged Magnesium! not some basic rim like your standard jap bike. As for HP… wrong again, they are both similar Vtwins so they make the same amount, around 170hp! they both have the similar engine displacement and don’t think for a second Erik can out tune Ducati course! How many superbike titles has Eric won???? i thought so!

    As for weight..WRONG AGAIN DUDE!!!! Your beloved Buells dry weight is 389 pounds the Ducati’s dry weight is 171 kilos or 376.9 pounds. The Ducati is 12.1 pounds LIGHTER!!!!

    Lets not even talk about price, the base 1198 is 14,999.00 and you buell is whopping 40k ….that’s a KO in my book, your buell is OUT!!!!

    DO we really need to see how bad the 2 time superbike smackdown winner matches up…lets take a look see!

    The BMW have been the class leading superbike 2 years in a row, it makes at least 20 more hp then your Buell, it has trick bits, traction control, and quick shift to start! and im sure if BMW wanted to carbon fiber the bike it would easily compete in the weight department. but here the depressing thing even with the weight advantage your Buell still gets blown out of the water!

    That’s sad!…..and the price is the final nail, 13,999 base compared to 40K ……nuf said…..Buell looses!

    Once again if u think Erik can out tune or out engineer BMW with all of their multiple world championships, from Formula 1 to Le Mans Prototype racing your crazy!!!!

    And please don’t make the argument that its a limited addition ultra exotic because if that the care the Ducati Desmosedici, the 1198R, the KTM RC8R, and the MV Agusta F4 RR 312 1078 is ready to tear the over priced Buell a new ass hole!

    It was a good try, but no one is smoking that crack pipe or kicking out 40k for a Buell!

  • Jomo

    Jeezz…..It’s a homologation bike to get EBR into AMA racing. A production run of 100. $40k is not unreasonable for such a bike. Cheaper versions are to follow.

  • The fact of the matter is the Buell is ready to go AMA racing out of the box. Remove the cyl. base gasket with the thinner one and the horsepower is there. 180 at the tire. yain’t gonna do that with the duc. Everything else is there from the superbike spec fork,shock,slipper clutch,brakes. all these
    would need to upgraded on any other stock machine and a lot more. This isn’t the closest you can get to an AMA spec superbike, it is an AMA spec superbike. it’s not overpriced if your looking for an ready to race bike. Comparing it to a base price Duc. is ridiculous. It’s more Larry Pegrams ducati that he ran last year.

  • Mike R.

    Production run of 100? Um, you mean 2.