The $40 Desmosedici

07/14/2010 @ 3:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

UPDATE: All the tickets to the raffle are now sold out.

Ducati’s Desmosedici RR is about as close to a MotoGP race bike as you can get on the street. But with a $72,500 price tag, the Desmo replica is a bit out of the price range for most mortals, so what if we told you could get one for $40? That’s what’s going on right now with the Los Feliz Charter School raffle, sponsored by ProItalia. There’s only a hundred or so of these $40 tickets left, so if you want a chance of snagging a Desmosedici on the cheap, you better act fast.

All the money from the raffle goes the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA), which is public charter elementary school in the Los Angeles area. There are four easy ways to enter the Ducati Desmosedici raffle, which will be awarded at Laguna Seca during the MotoGP race weekend:

  1. Visit Pro Italia and purchase your ticket.
  2. Call 818-249-5707, extension 4, and purchase your tickets over the phone by credit card. Pro Italia will drop your tickets in the mail for free.
  3. Fax the completed LFCSA Ducati Raffle Form (pdf) to 818-484-2150. Pro Italia will call you to confirm your order before mailing your ticket(s) out for free.
  4. Mail in the completed LFCSA Ducati Raffle Form (pdf), with either your credit card details or a check made payable to Pro Italia and mailed to 3307 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA  91208. Pro Italia will call you to confirm your order before mailing your ticket(s) out for free.

If an A&R reader wins the bike, we’d really love to take it for a spin….just sayin’.

Source: LFCSA

  • brian

    I bought 3 tickets! Granted that’s a 0.12% chance of winning, then again I have a 0.00% chance of buying a Desmo on any given day.

  • Jake Fox

    Even if I won I probably couldn’t afford the insurance!

  • joe

    forget the insurance, trackbike!

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  • BikePilot

    Amazing bike, I’d love to have one. Just such a raw machine. The economist in me balks at the mental expected-value calculation though ;)

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  • ty

    Brian, it says that there were about 100 tickets REMAINING, not in total. There are probably quite a few more in total, which means that the odds increase. Would wish you luck, but can’t do that, as I’m cleaning up a spot in the garage.

  • ty

    So there are 2,500 tickets in total. If they’re all sold, that’s $100,000. There’s no mention that ALL proceeds go to the school on the school’s webpage, rather that the raffle is being used to raise funds for the school, so it’s possible that this is an effective way for Pro Italia to unload the bike. It would still be ~$25,000 to the school, if this were the case.

    BTW, you were right about your odds, Brian. My mistake.

  • The tickets are now sold out. Having talked to Pro-Italia about the raffle, I know that they are making zero dollars on this raffle.

  • ty

    Wasn’t implying Pro Italia would make a profit. It would seem reasonable though that they’d recoup their dealer cost. It’d be hard to believe that they would wholly donating a rare, $75 K bike, not recouping any cost. If they were donating a bike entirely, it’d seem more likely that they’d do so with, say, an 1198, which would still probably sell all the tickets.

    If, indeed, Pro Italia is wholly donating the Desmosedici, without recouping any cost, I apologize for any questioning, and kudos for the altruism.

  • ty

    s/b “… they would BE wholly donating a rare, $75 K bike…” above…