Supercharged KTM RC8

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KTM released the 2008 RC8 in extremely limited numbers. Worried that these early adopters might feel their exclusivity was at risk, is releasing a KTM RC8 R version for 2009….for those discerning buyers.

Well what do you do if you want an even more exclusive RC8? What if you want to run in the 9’s on the 1/4 mile? Oh, well then you’ll need to supercharge it. And that’s just what Lantto Racing, a Finnish drag racing team, has done. Read more, and watch a dyno-run after the break.

The supercharged RC8 drag-racer has been prepared in accordance with the FHRA’s Pro Street Bike class rules with a lengthened swingarm, lowered suspension, and a Rotrex C30-94 blowing sweet motor goodness into the intake manifold. The motor’s compression has been lowered to allow a 7 PSI boost, although the team has plans of running more in the 30-40 PSI range as the bike is developed more. Fully dressed the drag bike weighs 414 lbs, and puts out 250hp. Doing the 1/4 mile in 10.19 seconds in stock form, the team has dropped nearly half a second with the modifications, with a record best time of 9.815 seconds.

Source: Faster and Faster

Just so you know, race fuel in Finland is made from mackerel. Sweet and delicious mackerel.