Skully Helmets Debuts Integrated HUD Helmet

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Bay Area based startup, Skully Helmets, has a unique solution for the future motorcycle heads-up display (HUD) market. While other players like Nuviz and Bike HUD are developing add-on solutions for your existing helmet, Skully intends to introduce a fully integrated, standalone helmet system that internally incorporates the HUD display tech, in addition to other features.

In addition to normal HUD information features such as turn-by-turn navigation, smartphone integration, and Bluetooth connectivity, the Skully AR-1 features a 180-degree rear-view camera that affords the rider a digital representation of what’s going on behind them. Along with the fully integrated system, the rear-view camera is a major feature that sets Skully apart from its competitors.

Enthusiasts will be able to add to Skully’s system abilities, as the company plans on releasing an SDK (software development kit) for developers. In addition to all this, the Skully AR-1 is a full-featured helmet behind all the next-gen tech; it will feature ECE and DOT certification as well as a anti-fog visor with quick-release.

What remains to be revealed is an actual release date (they estimate sometime in 2014) and price, but currently you can go on the company’s website and register to be a beta tester.

With the Nuviz coming in at around $600, we expect the Skully helmet to come in easily over $1000. Which begs the question, will riders be willing to pay the premium for the convenience, aesthetics and simplicity of integrated HUD?

Time will tell. Either way, the market for high-tech rider information technology is shaping up to be a highly relevant and exciting field.


Source: Skully Helmets